James Baldwin Publications

Publications on this site range from 2012 to present.
* Denotes student


Baldwin, J. G. and Sue Wing, I. (2013). The Spatiotemporal Evolution of U.S. Carbon Dioxide Emissions: Stylized Facts and Implications for Climate Policy. The Jrounal of Regional Science53.4.

Hunter, C., Baldwin, J. G., and Mann, M. L. (2013). The Economic Viability of Solar Photovoltaic Canopies as Urban Climate Change Mitigation: An Analysis of the Potential Utilization of Public Space in Boston Massachusetts. Energy and Environment Research, 3.1.


Mann, B., Kaufmann, R., Bauer, D.Gopal, S., Baldwin J. G. and Vera-Diaz, M. D. C. (2012). Ecosystem Service Value and Agricultural Conversion in the Amazon: Implications for Policy Intervention. 53.2.