Postdoctoral Associate


Current Research

My current research focuses on using dense Landsat time series for global land cover and land change mapping. It also involves the development of better techniques to estimate biomass in tropical forests using a combination of data from optical, radar and lidar sensors. I’m also interested in providing technical assistance to countries that seek to improve their technical capabilities for land cover change mapping and greenhouse gas emission reporting. 


Arévalo, P., Olofsson, P., Woodcock, C., 2019 (In press). Continuous monitoring of land surface activities and post-disturbance dynamics from Landsat time series: a test methodology for REDD+ reporting. Remote Sensing of Environment

Olofsson, P., Arévalo, P., Espejo, A., Green, C., Lindquist, E., McRoberts, R.E., Sanz, M. J. 2019. Mitigating the effects of omission errors on area and area change estimates. In review (Remote Sensing of Environment).

Stanimirova, R., Arévalo, P., Kaufmann, R., Maus. V., Lesiv, M., Havlik, P., Friedl, M., 2019. Sensitivity of global pasturelands to climate variation and human management.In review (Earth’s Future)