Ethan F. Baxter

Associate Professor

Educational Background

Ph.D. 2000 University of California, Berkeley
B.S. 1995 Yale University


Ethan Baxter’s research involves applications of isotope geochemistry, geochronology, and petrology to understand and quantify the geological processes affecting the evolution of the Earth’s crust as well as its interactions with the mantle and surface. Interests include the rate and duration of metamorphic and tectonic processes, H2O and CO2 fluxes within the evolving crust, and the refinement of geochronologic methods (e.g. Sm/Nd, Rb/Sr, Ar/Ar) to better understand the history of the Earth. With his students, Prof. Baxter’s research includes lab work in the BU TIMS Facility and field work (e.g. New England, Austria, Greece).

Climate and Earth History research group
Geochemistry research group
Solid Earth and Tectonics research group