David R. Marchant


Climate Change, Process Geomorphology, Antarctica, Mars

Educational Background

PhD, University of Edinburgh, UK
MS, University of Maine
BS, Tufts University

Current Research

David is the Director of the Antarctic Research Group.  The group studies climate change and surface processes through fieldwork and numerical modeling.

Currently, David’s focus is on (1) documenting landscape evolution within hyper-arid, cold deserts on Earth and Mars, (2) reconstructing late Cenozoic climate change from fossil vegetation and glaciation in Antarctica, and (3) quantifying rates of landscape change through numerical modeling, cosmogenic-nuclide dating, and tephrochronology.

Available laboratory  facilities include the Experimental Permafrost Lab, the Digital Image Analysis Lab, and the BURECS Facility (Boston University Research, Education, and Communication of Science). Graduate and undergraduate students conduct extensive fieldwork in Antarctica.

Interested students from all STEM disciplines should contact Dave directly at marchant@bu.edu.  Opportunities exist for new graduate students starting in Fall 2017.