• Bruce Anderson, Professor – global and regional climate variability and change
  • James Lawford Anderson, Professor – mineralogy, thermobarometry, igneous petrology, tectonics
  • Cutler J. Cleveland, Professor – energy transitions, energy life cycle analysis, ecological economics
  • Michael Dietze, Associate Professor – plant ecosystem and community dynamics across scales from the individual to the globe
  • Sergio Fagherazzi, Professor – coastal geomorphology, surface processes, hydrology
  • Cédric Fichot, Assistant Professor – marine optics, remote sensing, coastal and estuarine biogeochemistry, photochemistry, water quality
  • Duncan M. FitzGerald, Professor – marine geology, coastal processes, sedimentology
  • Mark Friedl, Professor – land surface climatology, global land cover dynamics, remote sensing
  • Robinson W. Fulweiler, Associate Professor – marine biogeochemistry and ecology
  • Rachael Garrett, Assistant Professor (on leave) – agricultural economics, geography, agroecology, sustainable development, tropical conservation
  • Jeffrey Geddes, Assistant Professor – atmospheric chemistry, air quality, remote sensing
  • Sucharita Gopal, Professor – GIS, spatial statistics, spatial analysis & modeling, GIS applications 
  • Lucy Hutyra, Associate Professor – carbon cycle, urbanization, terrestrial ecology
  • Anthony Janetos, Professor and Chair, Director of the Frederick S. Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future – scientific, environmental, economic, and policy linkages among the major global environmental issues
  • Robert Kaufmann, Professor – global climate change, world oil markets, land-use changes
  • Andrew C. Kurtz, Associate Professor – trace element and isotope geochemistry, Earth surface processes, biogeochemical cycles
  • Dan Li, Assistant Professor – urban microclimate, boundary layer meteorology, environmental fluid mechanics
  • David R. Marchant, Professor (on administrative leave)climate evolution, geomorphology, glacial and climate history of Antarctica and Mars
  • Richard W. Murray, Professor – marine biogeochemistry, paleoceanography, paleoclimatology
  • Ranga Myneni, Professor – vegetation remote sensing with satellite data and climate-vegetation interactions
  • Christoph Nolte, Assistant Professor – global land conservation, policy analysis, quantitative causal inference
  • Nathan Phillips, Professor – ecosystem change in urban and natural environments
  • Christine Regalla, Assistant Professor – active tectonics, structural geology, tectonic geomorphology
  • Guido Salvucci, Professor – hydrology, hydroclimatology, remote sensing
  • Anne Short Gianotti, Associate Professor (on leave) socio-political dimensions of natural resource management, landowner decision-making, institutional change, coupled natural human systems
  • Ian Sue Wing, Associate Professor – endogenous technological change in climate policy models
  • Curtis Woodcock, Professor – remote sensing, particularly monitoring of environmental change; terrestrial carbon dynamics; the Landsat Program

Research Faculty

Adjunct Faculty


  • Paul Anderson, Lecturer
  • James Baldwin, Lecturer – energy and the environment, regional science, economic and environmental geography, climate change, sustainable development
  • Rick Reibstein, Lecturer

    Emeritus and Associated Faculty