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New blog accompanies lecturer Rick Reibstein’s environmental responsibility textbook

By Matthew Dicintio

Trunity, the publisher of E&E Lecturer Rick Reibstein's Developing Sustainable Environmental Responsibility​, now hosts a blog "for people who want to help meet the challenge of how to live within the biosphere without harming it, and thus protect ourselves, other living things, future generations, and the source of all wealth... More

E&E searching for student digital marketing assistant

By Matthew Dicintio

The Department of Earth & Environment is seeking a talented, enthusiastic, and energetic Digital Marketing Assistant to conduct outreach in support of the Department’s BA programs in Earth & Environmental Sciences and Environmental Analysis & Policy. The Digital Marketing Assistant will devise and implement digital and social media campaigns aimed... More

Assistant professor Jeffrey Geddes speaks about his $1 million in research awards for air quality

By Matthew Dicintio

Assistant Professor Jeffrey Geddes, who joined E&E in 2016, has spoken to BU Today about the $1 million in early career research awards he has won from the National Science Foundation and NASA. As BU Today notes: "The funding will allow him to expand his use of satellite-based remote sensing observations, More

Research assistant professor Robert Buchwaldt talks to WGBH about the volcano in Roxbury

By Matthew Dicintio

Research Assistant Professor Robert Buchwaldt was featured recently in a WGBH "Curiosity Desk" segment, discussing rock formations in West Roxbury. "As we traversed the ancient urban volcano, Buchwaldt explained that it's eruption would have had much more in common with Mt. Fuego’s recent sudden, violent bursting in Guatemala than the... More

Associate professor Wally Fulweiler speaks on EPA and Narragansett Bay

By Matthew Dicintio

Associate Professor Wally Fulweiler has spoken to numerous media outlets about the ecology of Narragansett Bay and recent attempts by the Environmental Protection Agency to censor scientists' presentations. "EPA yanks scientists’ conference presentations, including on climate change" (Washington Post) "EPA flap overtakes report on the state of Narragansett Bay" (Providence... More

Pontus Olofsson, Eric Bullock, and Curtis Woodcock lead session on map accuracy and area estimation at Google Earth Engine User Summit in Dublin

By Matthew Dicintio

A team of E&E remote sensors recently presented at the Google Earth Engine User Summit in Dublin. Research Associate Professor Pontus Olofsson, Professor Curtis Woodcock, and PhD candidate Eric Bullock are seeking to rectify classification errors in remote sensing-based maps that may introduce severe bias in mapped areas of land... More

Associate professor Lucy Hutyra will testify for Boston City Council

By Matthew Dicintio

On Monday, June 18, Associate Professor Lucy Hutyra will join the Boston City Council in a special hearing to discuss and assess the amount and quality of tree covering in the city. The hearing comes on the heels of Boston Globe coverage: "While Boston has challenges that some other cities... More

PhD student Claudia Mazur receives Sigma Xi research award

By Matthew Dicintio

Claudia Mazur, a second-year PhD student and member of the Fulweiler Lab, has won a Sigma Xi Grants-in-Aid-of-Research award. The GIAR program has provided undergraduate and graduate students with valuable educational experiences since 1922. By encouraging close working relationships between students and mentors, the program promotes scientific excellence and achievement... More

Read assistant professor Rachael Garrett’s take on necessary tradeoffs in Brazil’s livestock production

By Matthew Dicintio

Assistant Professor Rachael Garrett and her colleagues have just published "Tradeoffs in the Quest for Climate Smart Agricultural Intensification in Mato Grosso, Brazil" in Environmental Research Letters. "We compare the costs and benefits of a typical extensive, continuously grazed cattle system relative to a specialized soybean production system and two improved... More

Professor Suchi Gopal presents at Regional Science Association International

By Matthew Dicintio

Professor Suchi Gopal, teaming with Kevin Gallagher of Pardee's Global Development Center, presented last month at the 12th World Congress of the Regional Science Association International. They presented their research as "Mapping China’s foreign direct investment and M&As in the Energy Sector" for the organization's "Spatial Systems: Social Integration, Regional... More

Lecturer Rick Reibstein writes about lead poisoning and democracy

By Matthew Dicintio

Lecturer Rick Reibstein has recently penned "Environmental Law—Resuming Progress On Lead Poisoning: A Prime Indicator of Civilization" in the Western New England University Law Review. "The quality of the effort made to prevent lead poisoning is an indicator of whether a society has become civilized," Reibstein writes. "It is hard... More

Assistant professor Rachael Garrett co-authors article on global commodity supply chains

By Matthew Dicintio

Assistant Professor Rachael Garrett and her colleagues have published their latest research in World Development. In "Transparency and sustainability in global commodity supply chains," the team "present a typology to distinguish among types of supply chain information that are needed to support improvements in sustainability governance, and illustrate a number... More

Assistant professor Christoph Nolte publishes on forest acquisition for conservation

By Matthew Dicintio

Assistant professor Christoph Nolte has published "Buying forests for conservation: contours of a global trend" in Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability. In the article, Professor Nolte notes, "Acquisitions of private forest rights have become a widespread conservation instrument." He argues, "Improved behavioral models of landowners and conservation organizations might help... More

E&E Convocation

Congratulations to the Class of 2018!

By Matthew Dicintio

On Sunday, May 20, the Department of Earth & Environment graduated 73 students. Good luck, Class of 2018! Bridget Marie Baker, BA Environmental Analysis & Policy and International Relation Zohar Artel Baruch, BA Environmental Analysis & Policy, MA Energy & Environment Sarah Elisabeth Beaulieu, BA Environmental Analysis & Policy, cum laude Walker Black, BA... More

Kasey Aderhold

See how PhD alum Kasey Aderhold explores the world deep beneath our feet

By Matthew Dicintio

Kasey Aderhold, who received her PhD in Earth Sciences from BU, is an earthquake seismologist with the Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS), a NSF-backed group that helps conduct and coordinate major seismology projects. They're currently finishing a major project in which they put seismic sensors all over the United... More


Research associate professor Pontus Olofsson speaks to Science Magazine about CMS cuts

By Matthew Dicintio

Research Associate Professor Pontus Olofsson recently spoke with Science Magazine about a move in the U.S. House of Representatives to restore funding to a small NASA climate research program. The amendment is in support of the work done by NASA's Carbon Monitoring System. “[W]e need a research program that investigates... More

E&E PhD alum has top ranked energy econ blog

By Matthew Dicintio

David Stern, a former PhD student of Cutler Cleveland, who is now on the faculty at the Australian National University, has a blog that has been named as a top blog in the entire field of economics. ANU has the 6th ranked program in the world in energy economics. David is... More

Professors Cleveland and Gopal receive Microsoft grant

By Matthew Dicintio

Professors Cutler Cleveland and Suchi Gopal, along with their colleague Michael Walsh of BU's Institute for Sustainable Energy, have been awarded a grant through Microsoft’s AI for Earth Program. The award will support the development of a cloud-based analytical workflow for urban and regional-scale integrated assessment of energy use, greenhouse... More

Fellowships galore in the Hutyra Research Lab

By Matthew Dicintio

Multiple students and a recent alum have received fellowships based on their work in the Hutyra Research Lab, under associate professor Lucy Hutyra's guidance. PhD student Luca Morreale has been named a Pardee Graduate Summer Fellow; he will calculate a complete carbon budget for the town of Arlington, Massachusetts, comparing... More

Farouk El-Baz

Farouk El-Baz to speak at Missouri S&T Commencement

By Matthew Dicintio

Farouk El-Baz, founding Director of the Center for Remote Sensing, will offer the commencement keynote at the Missouri University of Science and Technology on May 12. Dr. El-Baz is a geologist who played a leading role during NASA’s Apollo space program in the 1960s earned master of science and... More

BU students’ work featured at Massachusetts Sustainable Communities and Campuses Conference

By Matthew Dicintio

Since 2010 environmental conference organizer Jen Boudrie has brought hundreds of people together at the premiere event in Massachusetts for environmental experts, professionals, activists, officials and academics. At this year’s conference in Plymouth Harbor, three BU students presented their work in the class Research for Environmental Agencies & Organizations (GE... More

Research for Environmental Agencies Presentations

By Matthew Dicintio

If you're thinking about environmental issues and wondering how you can make a difference, come hear some interesting examples from students in the directed study course Research for Environmental Agencies & Organizations (GE 532). Thursday, April 26th 12:30-2:00PM CAS 132 Pizza will be served. The MA Department of Environmental Protection think  
about different ways... More

Dive into Climate Change – Special Seminar

By Matthew Dicintio

Please join the BU Marine Program for our annual Lang Lecture. This year Stephen Palumbi will speak about climate change adaptations among marine organisms. Climate Change Adaptations of Wild Populations from Corals to Fish: The Power of Deep Genomics April 19, 6:00 PM BU Law Auditorium, 765 Commonwealth Ave.  Steve Palumbi is the Director of... More

Pontus Olofsson receives funding from the USGS and USAID to support international capacity building efforts

By Matthew Dicintio

Research Associate Professor Pontus Olofsson has received a grant from the USGS and USAID to support SilvaCarbon capacity building efforts in developing countries aimed at reducing deforestation and forest degradation within the REDD+/UNFCCC framework. The grant ensures Olofsson's support to SilvaCarbon partner countries over the next two years. Click here to... More

Lecturer Rick Reibstein urges action on lead hazards

By Matthew Dicintio

Rick Reibstein has just published "Resuming Progress on Lead Poisoning" in the Western New England Law Review. "I have always found the lead issue maddening," Reibstein writes, "because it is so obvious there is much that must be done, and much that can be done, which would be extraordinarily worthwhile... More

Assistant professor Christine Regalla wins NSF grant for tectonic research in Northwest

By Matthew Dicintio

Assistant professor Christine Regalla has been awarded nearly $350,000 to research the tectonics of the northwestern United States and southwestern Canada. Regalla is joined in the project, "Collaborative Research: Permanent forearc strain partitioning in Northern Cascadia," by Kristin D. Morell of UC - Santa Barbara. The National Science Foundation award... More

Research led by E&E alum Arnold Fernandes highlighted in EOS

By Matthew Dicintio

A new publication by E&E alum Arnold Fernandes and E&E PhD student William Kearney has been highlighted in Earth & Space Science News. In their article, "Declining Radial Growth Response of Coastal Forests to Hurricanes and Nor'easters," published in the Journal of Geophysical Research - Biogeosciences, Fernandes, Kearney, and their... More

Join us for Giving Day 2018!

By Matthew Dicintio

On Wednesday please join BU alumni, parents, students, and friends in 24 extraordinary hours of giving back. Together we’ll make a huge difference for the Department of Earth & Environment in a short period of time — and celebrate the generosity of our BU community. The CAS departments with the most... More

Treicy Torres Memorial Environmental Justice Award invites nominations

By Matthew Dicintio

The Treicy Torres Memorial Environmental Justice Award was established to honor the memory of Department of Earth & Environment Student Treicy Torres, who passed away in 2017 before completing her senior year. Treicy was a remarkable and inspirational woman who lived a life in service to her family, friends and... More

Visiting scholars in Professor Myneni’s group publish three articles

By Matthew Dicintio

Visiting Scholar Dr. Kai Yan from Beijing Normal University and Mr. Baodong Xu from the Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, Beijing, published three articles on the physics and implementation of LAI/FPAR algorithm for the NASA's Suomi VIIRS sensor and an evaluation of the derived product. The articles are... More

Assistant professor Christoph Nolte publishes in Ecological Economics

By Matthew Dicintio

Assistant professor Christoph Nolte has published his latest research in Ecological Economics. In "Challenges in Attributing Avoided Deforestation to Policies and Actors: Lessons From Provincial Forest Zoning in the Argentine Dry Chaco," Professor Nolte and his colleagues argue that "provincial zoning plans had significantly reduced deforestation in three provinces [while]... More

Earth Systems Science

Professors Regalla and Thompson’s ES 107 Climate & Earth Systems Science highlighted in BU Today

By Matthew Dicintio

ES Climate & Earth Systems Science, the Department of Earth & Environment's introductory-level course taught by assistant professors Christine Regalla and Diane Thompson, was recently highlighted by BU Today. The article describes how courses have been adapted for the BU Hub, the new general education curriculum debuting this fall. “Interactions and... More

Center for Remote Sensing’s Farouk El-Baz to receive honorary PhD from Egypt’s Ain Shams University

By Matthew Dicintio

Congratulations to Farouk El-Baz, the founding director of BU's Center for Remote Sensing, who will receive an honorary Doctor of Science degree from Ain Shams University in Cairo, Egypt. El-Baz received his BS in Chemistry and Geology from Ain Shams in 1958, and he returns there this spring to address... More

John M. Fegyverisi

Adjunct assistant professor John Fegyveresi publishes in Cryosphere

By Matthew Dicintio

Adjunct assistant professor John Fegyveresi and colleagues have published “Surface formation, preservation, and history of low-porosity crusts at the WAIS Divide site, West Antarctica” in The Cryosphere. "Observations at the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) Divide site show that near-surface snow is strongly altered by weather-related processes such as strong... More

Sarabeth Buckley

PhD student Sarabeth Buckley heads to South Korea for leadership workshop

By Matthew Dicintio

PhD student Sarabeth Buckley will spend a month this summer at the Ewha Womans University in Seoul, South Korea, for the Ewha-Luce International Seminar, "Expanding Horizons 2018." The program, for women graduate students from the U.S. and East Asia, aspires to promote equal opportunities for those in STEM fields, with... More

bomb cylone

Duncan FitzGerald and Zoe Hughes receive new NSF RAPID grant

By Matthew Dicintio

Professor Duncan FitzGerald and Research Assistant Professor Zoe Hughes have received a Rapid Response Research Grant from the National Science Foundation. RAPID funding is used in cases of severe urgency with regard to availability of data, including quick-response research on natural disasters. Professors FitzGerald and Hughes will use the funding... More

Assistant professor Jeffrey Geddes receives NSF CAREER Award

By Matthew Dicintio

Over the next five years, Jeffrey Geddes will receive nearly $700,000 through a National Science Foundation CAREER Grant to investigate how natural and human-caused interannual variability in the sources and sinks of reactive trace gases from forests influence air quality across North America. The funding comes through the NSF Division... More

Rachael Garrett and rancher

Assistant professor Rachael Garrett featured in new profile

By Matthew Dicintio

Assistant professor Rachael Garrett and her research have been featured in a new profile by BU Research. Reflecting on her work in Brazil's tropical savannah, Garrett notes, “Most people start with a hypothesis that’s very clear, black and white, and an experiment is supposed to answer that hypothesis. But what... More


Associate professor Michael Dietze wins Hariri Incubation Award

By Matthew Dicintio

Associate professor Michael Dietze and Abraham Matta of the Hariri Institute for Computing have received a Hariri Research Incubation Award for their project "A Scalable and Secure Cyberinfrastructure for the Repeatability of Ecological Research."

Greenovate Boston

Professor Cutler Cleveland joined Greenovate Boston discussion

By Matthew Dicintio

Professor Cutler Cleveland joined a discussed with Greenovate City of Boston entitled "Let's Talk Carbon Neutrality." The conversation with the Carbon Free Boston project team addressed the attempt to reduce citywide greenhouse gas emissions. Greenovate is working with BU’s Institute for Sustainable Energy, the Green Ribbon Commission, and other collaborators... More

Suchi Gopal and Jamie Baldwin join Research on Tap

By Matthew Dicintio

Professor Suchi Gopal and lecturer Jamie Baldwin will be joined by Josh Pitts (Biology), Kevin Gallagher and Zhongshu Li (both of the Global Development Policy Center) for the next installment of Research on Tap: Meet Greet and Learn. Mapping Global Patterns of Energy Investments Monday, February 12, 2018, 4:00PM-6:00PM Trustee Ballroom, Boston University, 1... More

Cattle grazing in pasture

Assistant professors Christoph Nolte and Rachael Garrett co-author in Nature

By Matthew Dicintio

Assistant professors Christoph Nolte and Rachael Garrett have co-authored "The role of supply-chain initiatives in reducing deforestation" in Nature Climate Change. "We review current supply-chain initiatives, their effectiveness, and the challenges they face, and go on to identify knowledge gaps for complementary public–private policies," they write. "We find zero-deforestation policies... More

Associate professor Michael Dietze publishes on ecological forecasting in PNAS

By Matthew Dicintio

Associate Professor Michael C. Dietze and his colleagues have just published "Iterative near-term ecological forecasting: Needs, opportunities, and challenges" in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States (PNAS). "Near-term forecasts provide the opportunity to iteratively cycle between performing analyses and updating predictions in light of... More

Wang & Wheeler

PhD students Jon Wang and Kathryn Wheeler win AGU Outstanding Paper Awards

By Matthew Dicintio

Congratulations to PhD candidate Jon Wang and first-year PhD student Kathryn Wheeler, who have each received an Outstanding Student Paper Award from the AGU Fall Meeting 2017. Wang's presentation was entitled "Multidecadal Rates of Disturbance- and Climate Change-Induced Land Cover Change in Arctic and Boreal Ecosystems over Western Canada and Alaska... More

China Karst

PhD student Chi Chen and Prof. Myneni coauthor paper in Nature Sustainability

By Matthew Dicintio

A paper coauthored by PhD student Chi Chen and Professor Ranga Myneni entitled "Increased vegetation growth and carbon stock in China karst via ecological engineering" was recently published in the inaugural issue of Nature Sustainability. The paper describes the use of MODIS LAI data and show a widespread increase in leaf... More


Don’t miss the Natural Gas Infrastructure & Public Health webcast!

By Matthew Dicintio

Professor Nathan Phillips and PhD student Jessica Wright, in coordination with the BU School of Public Health, among others, have been organizing a day-long conference entitled Natural Gas Infrastructure and Public Health: From Local to Global. Tune in Tuesday at 10AM and all day for a live webcast of the event! Video... More

Professor Cutler Cleveland reflects on Trump’s first year

By Matthew Dicintio

Professor Cutler Cleveland and other BU experts spoke with BU Today about the President's first year in office. "Most of the nation’s key institutions that protect human health and the environment—the Environmental Protection Agency and the Departments of Energy, Interior, and Agriculture—are headed by individuals who openly disdain science and who personally... More

PhD student Claudia Mazur publishes at

By Matthew Dicintio

PhD student Claudia Mazur has published "Deep Sea Mining and Ecosystem Adaptability" at, a site dedicated to making research accessible to wider audiences. "Since the beginning of civilization, the Earth’s surface has been exploited for its valuable resources (e.g., metals, coal, minerals, etc.) through the act of mining," Claudia... More

ASD cover

Assistant Professor Rachael Garrett publishes in Agronomy for Sustainable Development

By Matthew Dicintio

Assistant Professor Rachael Garrett and her colleagues have published “Ecological and Economic Benefits and Challenges for Integrating Sheep into Viticulture Production” in Agronomy for Sustainable Development. "Viticulture expansion has led to significant land use change in recent years and new environmental challenges, particularly with respect to herbicide use," the authors... More

Nature Ecology and Evolution

Prof. Myneni coauthors paper in Nature Ecology and Evolution

By Matthew Dicintio

A paper coauthored by Professor Ranga Myneni entitled "Velocity of change in vegetation productivity over northern high latitudes" was recently published in Nature Ecology and Evolution. The paper compares changes in the spatial patterns of vegetation productivity and temperature using the velocity of change concept, which expresses these two variables... More