Selected Publications by Anne Short Gianotti

*Denotes current or former postdoc or student.

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Sullivan-Wiley KA and Short Gianotti AG (2017). “Risk Perception in a Multi-Hazard Environment.” World Development.


Nalepa, R. A., Short Gianotti, A. G., Bauer, D. M. (2016). “Marginal land and the global land rush: A spatial exploration of contested lands and state-directed development in contemporary Ethiopia.” Geoforum.

Short Gianotti, A. G. and P. T. Hurley (2016) “Gathering plants and fungi along the urban-rural gradient: Uncovering differences in the attitudes and practices among urban, suburban, and rural landowners” Land Use Policy. DOI: 10.1016/j.landusepol.2016.06.019

Decina, S.*, L.R. Hutyra, C.K. Gately*, J.M.  Getson, A.B. Reinmann, A.G. Short Gianotti, and P.H. Templer (2016) “Soil respiration contributes significantly to urban carbon fluxes” Environmental Pollution 212: 433-439. DOI: 10.1016/j.envpol.2016.01.012

Short Gianotti, A.G., J.M. Getson, and L.R. Hutyra (2016) “Defining urban, suburban, and rural: A method to link perceptual definitions with geospatial measures of urbanization in central and eastern Massachusetts” Urban Ecosystems. DOI: 10.1007/s11252-016-0535-3


Short Gianotti, A.G. and T.P. Duane (2015) “Learning to Listen: How Collaborative Dialogue in Regulation Influences Landowner Adoption of Best Management Practices on Unregulated Lands” Environment and Planning C. DOI: 0263774X15614654

Carah, J., J. Howard, S. Thompson, Short Gianotti, A. G., S. Bauer, S. Carlson, M. W. Gabriel, L. Hulette, S. Kupferberg, S. Martin, R. Naylor, and M. Power (2015) “High time for conservation: Adding the environment to the debate on marijuana liberalization” Bioscience 65(8): 822-829

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Short, A.G. (2013) “Governing Change: Land-use Change and the Prevention of Nonpoint Source Pollution in the North Coastal Basin of California” Environmental Management, 51(1): 108-125.  doi: 10.1007/s00267-011-9729-x