Robert Kennedy

“Time series analysis of disturbance impacts on the Pacific Northwest regional carbon balance.”

D. P. Turner, Robert Kennedy (Co-PI), and A. Gray
Terrestrial Ecology
2012 – 2015

“Integrated, observation-based carbon modeling for wooded ecosystems in Washington, Oregon, and California.”

Robert Kennedy (PI), W. Cohen, J. Ohmann, J. Franklin, V. Kane, J. Lutz, and S. Powell
May 2011 – Apr 2014

“Influence of Disturbance and Seasonality on Regional Carbon Flux Upscaling.”

E. Smithwick, K. Davis, K. Keller, K. Naithani, J. Masek, and Robert Kennedy (Co-PI)
Carbon Cycle Science Project
2011 – 2014

“Tradeoffs among carbon and other ecosystem services associated with different forest management strategies.”

T. Spies, M. Harmon, B. McComb, A. Morzillo, W. B. Cohen, Robert Kennedy (Co-PI), and J. Kline
Carbon Cycle Science Project
2011 – 2014

“Integrating and expanding a regional carbon monitoring system in the NASA CMS.”

Robert Kennedy (PI) S. Powell, V. Kane, J. Franklin, G. Moisen, J. Ohmann, R. Reimann, and B. Wilson
July 2012 – Dec 2013

“Development of Landsat-based landscape dynamics maps in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.”

S. L. Powell, and Robert Kennedy (Co-PI)
2012 – 2013

“Developing yearly maps of land cover and land use to monitor freshwater habitat for salmonids in the western U.S.”

Robert Kennedy (PI)
July 2010 – July 2012

“Testing and Applying a New Remote Sensing Tool (LandTrendr) to Detect and Monitor Landscape Dynamics.”

Robert Kennedy (PI)
Sept 2010 – Sept 2012

“Leveraging temporal variation in climate and management across national parks in the western U.S. to characterize three decades of landscape vegetation dynamics.”

Robert Kennedy (PI) and A. Davis
June 2008 – Jan 2012

“Contribution to studies of LCLUC in Northern Eurasia.”

O. Krankina, Robert Kennedy (Co-PI), W. Cohen, and D. Pflugmacher
NASA Land Use/Land Cover Change Program Project
2009 – 2012

“Monitoring existing forest vegetation in support of Northwest Forest Plan Effectiveness Monitoring.”

Robert Kennedy (PI)
USDA Forest Service
Pacific Northwest Research Station
July 2011

“Using trajectory-based methods to Improve Landsat-based monitoring of landscape dynamics in the parks of the Colorado Plateau.”

Robert Kennedy (PI)
Sept 2008 – Aug 2020

“Using time-series approaches to improve Landsat’s characterization of land surface dynamics.”

Robert Kennedy (PI), S. Andréfouët, R. Fraser, C. Gómez, M. Hais,
E. Helmer, P. Hostert, D. Pflugmacher, P. Griffiths,
M. Main-Knorn, S. Phinn, P. Scarth, and R. Sonnenschein
Oct 2012 – Oct 2017