Boston University Archaeology Biennial Graduate Student Conference Proceedings

9:00 am on Saturday, February 15, 2014
6:00 pm on Saturday, February 15, 2014
675 Commonwealth Avenue Room STO B50, Boston, MA 02215
Breaching Boundaries: Identity and Conflict This year’s theme focuses on Identity and Conflict. Issues of conflict are of growing concern and interest in the world. Oftentimes these issues are spurred by the interaction of dissonant or opposing identities; these conflicts visibly impact the way populations view themselves and others. The interaction between identity and conflict can be studied in the material record left behind by past societies and in the modern world. While archaeology is the primary way of studying these past material remains, it is the interaction between this field and many other fields that pushes theory in this area. It is in this spirit that the forum has the potential to attract the interest and participation of a broad range of graduate students, not only archaeologists but also anthropologists, historians, sociologists, classicists, geographers, and others. The forum offers an opportunity for emerging scholars to discuss new research in the study of identity and conflict. Topics for discussion could include, but are not limited to: Issues of Colonialism and Nationalism Formation and Maintenance of Boundaries Indigenous Communities and Cultural Patrimony Material Culture as Indicators of Conflict Interactions in Gender Studies and Embodiment and Sexuality The conference will begin on Friday night with a keynote address by Pamela Geller, University of Miami. Saturday will be devoted to morning and afternoon sessions of conference papers, and Sunday morning will be devoted to a roundtable discussion from 10-12. Funding generously provided by the Boston University Center for the Humanities and the Graduate Student Organization