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New film by Rick Reibstein selected for APHA Global Public Health festival

By Matthew Dicintio
September 25th, 2017

"A Public Conversation on Lead,” a new film by lecturer Rick Reibstein and Rebecca Reibstein, will be featured at the 2017 APHA Global Public Health... More

Assistant professor Rachael Garrett publishes in Ecology and Society

By Matthew Dicintio
September 21st, 2017

Assistant professor Rachael Garrett and her colleagues have published “Explaining the Persistence of Low Income and Environmentally Degrading Land Uses in the Brazilian Amazon" in... More

Professor Sergio Fagherazzi receives 2017 JJ Mehta Award

By Matthew Dicintio
September 20th, 2017

Congratulations to Professor Sergio Fagherazzi, who will receive the 2017 JJ Mehta Award for outstanding contributions to the study of cohesive sediment dynamics. Professor Fagherazzi... More

Associate professor Michael Dietze publishes in Global Change Biology

By Matthew Dicintio
September 18th, 2017

Associate professor Michael Dietze has co-authored "Vegetation Demographics in Earth System Models: a review of progress and priorities" in the journal Global Change Biology. "...We... More

Department logo contest!

By Matthew Dicintio
September 8th, 2017

The Department of Earth & Environment is sponsoring a contest for a Department logo that will be used on t-shirts and stickers that will be... More

Professor Suchi Gopal to host webinar on big data and sustainability

By Matthew Dicintio
September 5th, 2017

Making a Big Impact in Sustainability Science with Big Data Thursday, September 21, 2017 1:15 PM - 2:15 PM EDT Issues in sustainability science are increasingly being... More

Assistant professor Diane Thompson has recently published 2 papers in the journal Paleoceanography

By Matthew Dicintio
August 28th, 2017

“Tropical Pacific climate variability over the last 6000 years as recorded in Bainbridge Crater Lake, Galápagos” highlights results of long-term monitoring of Bainbridge Crater Lake... More

Tarawa, Republic of Kiribati

Diane Thompson receives NSF funding to investigate the link between tropical Pacific trade winds and global temperatures

By Matthew Dicintio
August 10th, 2017

Assistant professor Diane Thompson has been awarded a $342,652 grant from the National Science Foundation to study the recent history of tropical Pacific trade wind... More

Rachael Garrett receives nearly a half-million to study deforestation and supply chains

By Matthew Dicintio
August 9th, 2017

Assistant professor Rachael Garrett has been awarded $400,000 from the National Science Foundation to study connections between deforestation and global supply chains. "This project will provide... More

Pontus Olofsson gives climate change training in Vietnam

By Matthew Dicintio
August 8th, 2017

This summer research associate professor Pontus Olofsson conducted workshops for Vietnam's Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. The instruction was in support of Vietnam's REED+... More

Paper by professors Cutler Cleveland and Robert Kaufmann highlighted by Energy Policy

By Matthew Dicintio
July 31st, 2017

The editorial team of Energy Policy have highlighted a small selection of recently published papers that encapsulate the journal’s focus on publishing quality original research addressing... More

Research associate professor Pontus Olofsson publishes three articles

By Matthew Dicintio
July 27th, 2017

Pontus Olofsson has recently published three papers in Reference Module in Earth Systems & Environmental Sciences, International Journal of Applied Earth Observation & Geoinformation, and Remote Sensing... More

Diane Thompson attends School of Rock

By Matthew Dicintio
July 13th, 2017

Assistant Professor Diane Thompson has been selected to participate in the International Ocean Discovery Program’s “School of Rock,” transiting between Subic Bay Philippines and Townsville, More

PhD candidate Chloe Anderson attending Urbino Summer School in Paleoclimatology

By Matthew Dicintio
July 11th, 2017

PhD candidate Chloe Anderson has been awarded an NSF scholarship to attend the 14th Urbino Summer School of Paleoclimatology (USSP) in Urbino, Italy. USSP focuses... More

Rachael Garrett and Christoph Nolte co-author article in World Development

By Matthew Dicintio
July 10th, 2017

Assistant professors Rachael Garrett and Christoph Nolte, along with postdoc Jordan Graesser and MA alum Christopher White, have co-authored "The restructuring of South American soy... More

Rachel Abercrombie recognized as AGU Outstanding Reviewer

By Matthew Dicintio
July 6th, 2017

Congratulations to research associate professor Rachel Abercrombie, who has been recognized as one of the American Geophysical Union's 2016 Outstanding Reviewers. "...Peer review is essential... More

Professors Robert Kaufmann and Cutler Cleveland publish on electricity costs and climate change

By Matthew Dicintio
June 16th, 2017

A new study by Karina Véliz (GRS’09,’14), a former E&E graduate student, and Professor Kaufmann suggests that price spikes will be the primary drivers of... More

Prof. Myneni co-authors papers in Nature Climate Change

By Matthew Dicintio
June 12th, 2017

Professor Ranga Myneni has co-authored two papers in Nature Climate Change. One describes how the greening of the Earth, largely due to CO2 fertilization, has also... More

PhD student Radost Stanimirova receives NASA fellowship

By Matthew Dicintio
June 5th, 2017

Third-year PhD student Radost Stanimirova has been awarded a NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship starting in September. Her fellowship application, "Dynamics of Global Rangelands:... More

PhD student Taejin Park and Prof. Myneni co-author article in Science Advances

By Matthew Dicintio
May 30th, 2017

NASA Graduate Fellowship recipient and PhD student Taejin Park and Professor Ranga Myneni recently co-authored a paper with their Norwegian colleagues in the journal Science... More