Professional Master’s Programs

The Department of Earth & Environment administers three distinct professional master’s programs designed to engage students in the educational principles, research techniques, and professional competencies within the specific discipline of the program.

These educational programs are based on the philosophy that students need a solid training in traditional disciplines, as well as a set of integrative courses that expose students to the broad and systematic nature of environmental problems in order to prepare them for careers in the field immediately after graduation. The multi-disciplinary, systems-oriented approach of these programs intends to prepare to students to investigate some of the planet’s most challenging environmental problems.

Specific Requirements for each master’s program can be found below:

How to Apply

Students interested in one of the programs are encouraged to contact:

To learn more about how to apply, see our master’s programs admissions page.

The Department also provides support for the Masters of Arts in Global Development Policy (GDP) administered by the Pardee School of Global Studies. For information regarding the GDP programs, see the Pardee School website.