Courses offered through theĀ Boston University Marine Program (BUMP)

ES 452 Experimental Analysis of Marine Symbiosis: Organism-Sediment Relationships

Prereq: consent of instructor.

Biogenic processes that influence physical-chemical properties of sediment, and sedimentary and seafloor processes that influence the distribution, functional morphology, and population dynamics of benthic organisms are studied in the field and laboratory. Field trip to Paleozoic analogues.

ES 455 Principles of Marine Pollution

Prereq: consent of instructor.

Starts with the first principles of chemistry and biology that govern the fate and effects of contaminants in the marine environment. Provides an understanding of the underlying processes in evaluating marine pollution issues. Includes working with computer models that attempt to predict the fate of pollutants.

ES 481 Geological Record of Global Change

Prereq: consent of instructor and ES 302; ES 452 recommended.

Examination of the geologic record to deduce the history that provides a baseline against which the present changes in biodiversity, extinction, and changing global climate can be evaluated. Field trips to sites throughout New England to examine the changing marine communities and climate.

ES 543 Estuaries

Prereq: ES 331 or ES 440 or ES 541.

Physical and ecological processes interacting in estuarine and nearshore environments, including salt marshes, beaches, lagoons, deltas, and in wave- and tide-dominated regimes. Lectures complemented by extensive fieldwork orientated toward individual and group research projects.

ES 545 Tropical Oceanography of the Caribbean Sea

Prereq: CAS ES 144 or consent of instructor, and admission into BUMP Marine Semester.

In-depth treatment of physical, biogeochemical, geological, and biological oceanography of the Caribbean, oriented towards development of a research project to be fulfilled during ES 546. BU and SEA faculty joint teach. Taught in Woods Hole as part of BUMP Marine Semester.

ES 546 Tropical Oceanography of the Caribbean Sea: Applications and Research

Prereq: ES 545 and admission into the BUMP Marine Semester.

Participation on oceanographic research expedition to pursue research developed as part of ES 545. Nearshore and open ocean research in geological, chemical, physical, and biological oceanography. BU and SEA faculty jointly teach. Taught at sea on research vessel operated by Sea Education Association.