700+ Level

Current offerings of Earth & Environment courses can be found on the course listing of the BU Bulletin.

All courses are 4 credits unless otherwise noted.

Prerequisites apply to BA/MA students only; consult with your advisor.

GE 710 Scientific Assessments of Environmental Issues: Process and Evaluation

A seminar on the history, practice, and evaluation of scientific assessments of environmental issues. Examples include stratospheric ozone, climate change, and biodiversity. Assessments will be examined as scientific communications challenges and criteria for their success or failure will be discussed. Also offered as IR 710.

GE 712 Regional Energy Modeling

Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

Regional energy modeling techniques and existing regional energy models. Current energy issues are discussed. Modeling procedures are introduced. Current regional and energy models are explored.

ES/GE 719 Colloquium in Terrestrial Biogeosciences

Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

The objective of this course is to introduce graduate students to the diversity of research being done in the field of biogeosciences. By participating in this seminar course, students will gain depth and breadth in their graduate education. The inclusion of distinguished-speaker seminars will not only expose students to some of the brightest minds in the field, but also help the students develop a professional network beyond that which they will gain at Boston University. Also offered as BI 719. 2 credits.

ES/GE 720 Practicum in Terrestrial Biogeoscience

Analysis and synthesis of the primary literature via in-depth case studies in terrestrial biogeoscience. Students meet weekly with faculty to read papers from the primary literature, synthesize results, and prepare a peer-review quality paper on the case study. Also offered as BI 720. 2 credits.

GE 798 Global Development Capstone

Prerequisite: at least 12 credits toward the MA in Global Development Policy or the MA in Global Development Economics.

Capstone course for MA students in Global Development Policy and Global Development Economics. Students, working in groups, design and carry out an interdisciplinary policy analysis comparable to those performed for a government or nonprofit agency. Also offered as EC 798 and IR 798.

GE 805 Spatial Analysis Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Prerequisites: CAS GE 505 or GE 565 and CAS MA 613 or MA 614.

Covers advanced research topics in GIS dealing with the measurement, storage, retrieval and analysis of spatial information. Topics include fuzzy sets, fractals, and spatial statistics. Completion of a project is required.

GE 840 Topics in Remote Sensing

Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

Varying subjects in the field.