200 Level

GE 201 World Regional Geography I

Overview of the special combination of environmental, historical, economic, and organizational qualities of the regions of the Old World including Western and Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, East and South Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Emphasis on current issues of regional and global development. (SS)

ES 222 Mineralogy (4 credits, Fall)

Prereq: ES 101 or 105 or 140 or 302; CH 101 recommended. Introduction to mineral properties, chemistry, structure, and the petrographic microscope. Minerals in Earth systems including the dynamic interior, surface, environment, and societal uses. Minerals as recorders of past Earth processes and conditions. Three hours lecture, three hours lab, field trip.
Instructor: Staff

GE 250 The Fate of Nations: Climate, Resources, and Institutions

Environmental contribution to the rise and fall of civilizations. Focus is on how the environment influenced the ideas and organization of societies, and how those ideas and power structures allowed the society to flourish or collapse. Interdisciplinary approach that unites ideas from history, ecology, and economics.