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Congratulations to graduate coordinator Alissa Beideck!

May 10th, 2017 in 2017, Awards, Graduate students, May-17, News, Staff

This April, academic administrators in CAS and GRS were recognized with a luncheon for all their invaluable work and service to their students, their departments, our College, and our University. A few administrators in particular were recognized for demonstrating truly outstanding service over the past academic year. Specifically, their chairs, faculty members, or peers nominated them for performing responsibilities at an outstanding level, demonstrating exceptional care for students, serving as a role model for others, and promoting exceptional working relationships both within a department and across the University.  Our 2017 Outstanding Service Award Winners were Jessica Aither (GRS), Alissa Beideck (CAS Earth & Environment), Wendy Czik (CAS Religion), Chris DeVits (CAS Computer Science), Liz Tingley (CAS Neurosciene), and for her outstanding partnership with our College, Liza Burke Bates (Office of the University Registrar).

Joel Sparks wins Perkins Award, honored at ceremony tonight, featured in BU Today

May 6th, 2014 in 2014, Awards, May-14, Staff

Earth & Environment Laboratory Manager Dr. Joel Sparks has been selected as a recipient of the 2014 John S. Perkins Distinguished Service Award.

Dr. Sparks will be honored tonight at 5 p.m. in a ceremony in the Metcalf Trustee Ballroom.

In addition to receiving the honor, Dr. Sparks has also been featured in a BU Today article.

Dr. Sparks runs many of the laboratory facilities available in the Department of Earth & Environment.

To learn more about the Perkins Award and Dr. Sparks, read the BU Today article.

News section updated to feature sortable news categories

May 2nd, 2014 in 2014, May-14, Staff

The Department of Earth & Environment’s website has recently been updated to feature new sortable News Categories.

Using the News Categories section allows users to find all news stories posted to our site that are related to a specific faculty member.

Users can also find all news stories related to specific topics such as graduate students, undergraduate students, awards, month/year posted, and other topics.

To see all the available features, visit our News Categories section!



Wednesday December 11th AGU Talk Schedule for E&E Faculty, Researchers, and Students

December 10th, 2013 in 2013, December-13, Events, Faculty, Graduate students, Lucy Hutyra, Staff, Talks, Trips

Below is a list of scheduled talks being held on Wednesday December 11th 2013 by Department of Earth and Environment Faculty, Researchers, and students at the AGU Fall Meeting.




8:00 am – 12:20 pm

at Hall A-C (Moscone South)

B31B. B31B. Quantifying Uncertainty in Biogeochemical Studies II Posters [SWIRL_CU]

  • Neeti Neeti; Robert E. KennedyComparative study of above ground biomass estimates for conterminous US. B31B-0386.

B31E. B31E. Urban Areas and Global Change I Posters [SWIRL_US]

  • Lucy Hutyra; et al. Future scenarios of urbanization and its effects on water quantity and quality in three New England watersheds. B31E-0456.
  • Steve M. Raciti; Lucy Hutyra; Brittain M. Briber; Allison L. Dunn; Mark A. Friedl; Curtis Woodcock; Zhe Zhu; Pontus Olofsson. Quantifying ecosystem carbon losses and gains following development in New England: A combined field, modeling, and remote sensing approach. B31E-0457.

GC31C. GC31C. Ecosystem Responses to Increasing Atmospheric CO2: Moving Forward from First Generation Free Air CO2 Experiments Posters

  • Adrien Finzi (BIOLOGY). Long-Term Response of Terrestrial Productivity to Elevated CO2 Remains a Grand Challenge in Terrestrial Biogeochemistry (Invited). GC31C-1072.

H31F. H31F. Remote Sensing of the Terrestrial Water Cycle IV Posters

  • Samuel E. Tuttle; Guido Salvucci. Using Large-Scale Precipitation to Validate AMSR-E Satellite Soil Moisture Estimates by Means of Mutual Information. H31F-1253.


1:40 pm – 3:40 pm

at 2005 (Moscone West)

EP33D. EP33D. Deltas: A Multi-trillion Dollar Global Problem II

  • Alberto Canestrelli; William Nardin; Douglas A. Edmonds; Sergio Fagherazzi; Rudy L. Slingerland. Three dimensional numerical modeling of shallow jets: importance of frictional effects on the morphodynamics of river mouth bars and levees. EP33D-04. (2:25 – 2:40)

at 308 (Moscone South)

V33H. V33H. Physical Volcanology of Eruptions Involving Water I

  • Rachel Scudder; Richard W. Murray; Julie Schindlbeck; Steffen Kutterolf. Geochemistry of Sediment from IODP Expeditions 322 and 333: Terrigenous Provenance, Dispersed Ash, and the Nankai “Subduction Factory.” V33H-01.  (1:40 – 1:55)


1:40 pm – 6:00 pm

at Hall A-C (Moscone South)

DI33B. DI33B. The Detection and Migration of Melt and Volatiles in the Earth’s Interior II Posters

  • Shangshang Mu; Ulrich FaulGrain boundary wetness of partially molten dunite. DI33B-2238.

S33A. S33A. Advances in Seismic Imaging: Toward Integrated GeoModels on All Scales — Mantle/Global/Theory VI Posters [SWIRL_CM]

  • Xueyang Bao; Colleen A. Dalton; Ge Jin; James B. Gaherty. Imaging Rayleigh wave attenuation and phase velocity in the western and central United States. S33A-2390.

V33A. V33A. Chemical Evolution of the Earth’s Mantle II Posters (cosponsored by EGU-GMPV and MSA)

  • Denise Honn; Jason Harvey; Jessica M. Warren; Ethan F. Baxter. Detecting Mantle Heterogeneity at a Grain Scale with Improvements in High Precision Neodymium Isotope (NdO+) Analysis. V33A-2722.

Dr. Tom Ireland to speak at Solid Earth Seminar

October 24th, 2013 in 2013, Department Seminars, October-13, Staff, Talks

Dr. Tom Ireland of Boston University will be giving a lecture titled “Teflon-HPLC – The Greatest Thing to Happen to Chromatography since HPLC” as part of the Department of Earth and Environment’s Solid Earth Seminars. The lecture will be held tomorrow, Friday Oct 25, 2013, at 11 am and will last one hour. The lecture will be given in the Stone Science Building room 141c. For more information on ongoing Department of Earth and Environment events see our calendar.