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Wally Fulweiler to give public talk at New England Aquarium Tuesday June 3rd

May 29th, 2014 in 2014, Events, Faculty, June-14, News, Robinson "Wally" Fulweiler, Talks

Earth & Environment Professor Robinson “Wally” Fulweiler will be at the New England Aquarium this coming Tuesday June 3rd, 2014 to give a talk on “The Immortal Life of Nitrogen” as part of the New England Aquarium’s Lecture Series.

The talk will be begin at 7:00 pm and last one hour.

It will be open and free to the public.

To learn more about the event, visit the New England Aquarium Lecture Series website.

Click here to get directions to the aquarium.


Read the talk’s abstract below:

Without nitrogen there would be no life—no me, no you, no blue whale, no Atlantic cod, no Antarctic krill. But too much nitrogen leads to a series of negative consequences. Human activities have more than doubled the amount of nitrogen cycling through the biosphere in the past 100 years, and in doing so we have introduced large amounts of nitrogen to coastal waters. This excess nitrogen has led to eutrophication, loss of submerged aquatic vegetation, harmful algal blooms, increased low oxygen conditions and dead zones, fish kills, and loss of biodiversity. Fortunately, we can take steps to mitigate this excess nitrogen and to decrease future inputs to marine waters. Fulweiler will tell the story of how one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century transformed our planet and how each of us can help save our coastal ocean through simple, easily adaptable changes.

Robert Kennedy & Students to hold symposium tomorrow on Digital Image Processing

April 29th, 2014 in 2014, April-14, Events, Faculty, Graduate students, Presentations, Robert Kennedy, Talks

Earth & Environment Assistant Professor Robert Kennedy and his Digital Image Processing, GE 440/640, students will be holding a student symposium tomorrow, Wednesday April 30th, from 11:00 to 2:30 pm on Digital Image Processing

The symposium will feature student talks lasting roughly 12 minutes in length with 3 minutes allotted for a Q&A session.

The event will be held in CAS 132. Pizza and drinks will be provided around lunch time.

All are welcome to attend.

Rachel Abercrombie & Kasey Aderhold to present at Seismological Society of America in Alaska

April 29th, 2014 in 2014, April-14, Events, Faculty, Graduate students, May-14, Presentations, Rachel Abercrombie, Talks, Trips

Research Associate Professor Rachel Abercrombie and graduate student Kasey Aderhold are headed to Alaska this week to participate in the Seismological Society of America 2014 Annual Meeting.

The meeting will take place from Wednesday April 30 to Friday May 2nd.

On Thursday May 1, Aderhold will be presenting a talk titled “Seismic slip distribution of large inter- and intra- plate oceanic strike-slip earthquakes.”

Then on Friday, Prof. Abercrombie will be presenting a poster titled “Improving stress drop measurements from EGF – scaling and stress release in the Darfield-Christchurch, New Zealand earthquake sequence.”

Prof. Abercrombie is also the co-author of two other presentations concerning earthquakes in Nevada and in New Zealand.

For More information on Prof. Abercrombie, visit her profile page.

For more information about the Seismological Society of American 2014 Annual Meeting, click here.

James Baldwin to give Rhett Talk on Social Justice tonight

April 7th, 2014 in 2014, April-14, Events, Faculty, James Baldwin, Talks

Earth & Environment Lecturer James Baldwin will be giving a talk this evening at 7 pm in room 206 of the Photonics Center as part of BU’s Rhett Talks.

The theme of tonight’s Rhett Talk will be “Social Justice.” Baldwin’s talk will focus specifically on the implications of demographic and environmental change for humanity in the coming decades.

In addition to Baldwin’s lecture, two other faculty members will also give brief lectures on past and present issues related to social justice.

Each talk will last roughly 15 minutes and be followed by a 5 minute Q&A session.

BU Rhett Talks are modeled after the popular TED talks and are designed to allow students to engage with faculty on a variety of interesting, intellectual topics.



Rita Cabral’s PhD Dissertation Defense set for Tomorrow at 1 pm

April 3rd, 2014 in 2014, April-14, Events, Graduate students

Earth & Environment Graduate Student and PhD Candidate Rita Cabral will be defending her dissertation tomorrow, Friday April, 4th at 1 pm in CAS 222.

The title of her dissertation is “A window into the mantle: analyzing the geochemistry of melt inclusions from the volcanic isle of mangaia.”

The presentation will last roughly one hour.

The department encourages everyone possible to attend!

Suchi Gopal to give AGU Lecture at 2014 National Conference on Science Education

March 21st, 2014 in 2014, April-14, Events, Faculty, Suchi Gopal, Talks

Earth & Environment Professor Sucharita Gopal announced today that she will be giving the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Lecture: The Geosciences – The Nexus of Data Drive Science and Applications at the National Science Teachers Association‘s 2014 National Conference on Science Education.

The Conference will be held in Boston April 2 – 6 at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.

Gopal’s lecture will be on Friday, April 4th, at 2 p.m. in Room 210 A/B of the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.

To learn more about this years National Conference on Science Education, visit their website.

To learn more about Prof. Gopal’s projects, check out her list of her recent publications or grants, in our publications and grants sections of the website.




Curtis Woodcock to deliver Keynote Address at Remote Sensing Conference in Berlin

March 18th, 2014 in 2014, Curtis Woodcock, Events, Faculty, March-14, Talks, Trips

Earth & Environment Chair Curtis Woodcock is in Berlin, Germany this week to participate in “Frontiers in Earth Observations Land System Science,” the 5th Workshop of the EARSeL Special Interest Group on Land Use and Land Cover.

The Workshop is a joint venture by the European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories (EARSeL) and NASA’s Land-Cover/Land-Use Change Program.

The event is taking place from March 17th to 18th and features four half day sessions focused on different themes surrounding Remote Sensing.

Prof. Woodcock delivered the opening Keynote Address at the first session on “New sensors and emerging opportunities for land use and land cover monitoring.”

His address was titled “Monitoring Land Change: New Observations and New Opportunities.”

To learn more about Prof. Woodcock’s work, check out the publications and grants section of our website.



Members of the Department Celebrate The Lunar New Year

January 30th, 2014 in 2014, Events, Graduate students, January-14, Pictures, Researchers

As the Lunar New Year of the Horse approaches, members of the Department of Earth and Environment gathered together to celebrate the traditional holiday.

Graduate students, friends, and alumni work on making dumplings at the Lunar New Year Party.

Graduate students, friends, and alumni work on making dumplings at the Lunar New Year Party.


Held this past Saturday, January 25th 2014, the Department’s Lunar New Year Party featured traditional food, drink, and a dumpling wrapping contest.

Participants of the Dumpling Pageant work to make their best dumpling creations.

Participants of the Dumpling Pageant work to make their best dumpling creations.


The dumpling wrapping contest featured four winners: the cutest dumpling, the scariest, the most out-of-shape, and the ugliest dumpling.


The offerings in the Dumpling Pageant

The offerings in the Dumpling Pageant


Participants and spectators voted, and the winners were announced.

The winners of this years Dumpling Pageant. From left to right, Mary Farina, Bahareh Sanaie-Movahed, and Zhe Zhu. Not pictured is also winner Rita Cabral.

The winners of this years Dumpling Pageant. From left to right, Mary Farina, Bahareh Sanaie-Movahed, and Zhe Zhu. Not pictured is also winner Rita Cabral.


The party was a hit, and the winning–and losing–dumplings were cooked and enjoyed by all!

The contest winners--and losers--were cooked and enjoyed.

The contest winners–and losers–were cooked and enjoyed.

Rachel Abercrombie to speak at Earthquake Preparedness Exercise

December 19th, 2013 in 2013, December-13, Events, Faculty, Rachel Abercrombie, Talks

Department of Earth and Environment Research Associate Professor Rachel Abercrombie has been invited to speak today at the first of BU’s Earthquake Preparedness Exercises.

Abercrombie, a trained Earthquake Seismologist, will share her expertise with the BU Incident Command Response Team (ICRT) and other University and City officials as they run through BU’s earthquake response plan for the National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories. The response plan, dubbed Operation Cerberus, will take place at the BU Biosafety Lab; similar exercises for the Charles River Campus and the Medical Campus will follow.

Although not on a plate boundary, the northeastern US still experiences earthquakes. The largest known earthquake in Massachusetts was a M6 off Cape Ann in 1755. More information about New England Seismicity can be found at Boston College’s Weston Observatory website.

Friday December 13th AGU Talk Schedule for Faculty, Researchers, and Students

December 12th, 2013 in 2013, Alan Strahler, December-13, Ethan Baxter, Events, Faculty, Graduate students, Lucy Hutyra, Mark Friedl, Researchers, Talks, Trips

Below is a list of scheduled talks being held on Friday December 13th 2013 by Department of Earth and Environment Faculty, Researchers, and students at the AGU Fall Meeting.




8:00 am to 10:00 am

at 3008 (Moscone West)

A51I. A51I. Measurements, Modeling, and Evaluation of Emissions VII

  • Conor Gately; Lucy Hutyra; Ian Sue Wing. A new gridded on-road CO2 emissions inventory for the United States, 1980-2011. A51I-06. (9:35 – 10:00)

at 3003 (Moscone West)

  • Lucy Hutyra; Steve M. Raciti; Allison L. Dunn; Conor Gately; Ian Sue Wing; Curtis Woodcock; Pontus Olofsson; Mark A. Friedl. Impacts of urbanization on the carbon cycle (Invited). GC51E-02. (8:20 – 8:40)

8:00 am to 12:20 pm

at Hall A-C (Moscone South)

B51C. B51C. Ecosystem Structure: Remote Sensing Observations and Modelling of Its Influence on Radiation Regimes and Gas Exchanges II Posters

  • Zhan Li; Alan H. Strahler, Crystal Schaff, et al. Separating Leaves from Trunks and Branches with Dual-Wavelength Terrestrial Lidar Scanning: Improving Canopy Structure Characterization in 3-D Space. B51C-0289.
  • Alan H. Strahler; Xiaoyuan Yang; Zhan Li; Crystal Schaaf; et al. Retrieving Leaf Area Index and Foliage Profiles Through Voxelized 3-D Forest Reconstruction Using Terrestrial Full-Waveform and Dual-Wavelength Echidna® Lidars. B51C-0290.

B51G. B51G. Phenology as Both Forcing and Response: Integrating Measurements and Models Across Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecosystems I Posters [SWIRL_CM]

  • Toni Viskari; Michael Dietze; Ankur R. DesaiModel-data assimilation of multiple phenological observations to constrain and forecast leaf area. B51G-0381.

S51A. S51A. Seismology Contributions: Signal Processing, Networks and Instrumentation II Posters

  • Bruce C. Beaudoin; Kasey Aderhold; Katyliz Anderson; Mary Pfeifer; Tim Parker; Pnina E. Miller; George W. Slad; Angela Reusch. Direct burial and vault emplacement data quality comparison at Dotson Ranch, New Mexico. S51A-2329.

S51C. S51C. Oceanic Strike-Slip Faulting: Transforms to Intraplate I Posters

  • Kasey Aderhold; Rachel E. Abercrombie; Michael S. Antolik. Seismic slip of oceanic strike-slip earthquakes. S51C-2388.

V51B. V51B. Garnet: Common Mineral, Uncommonly Useful I Posters (cosponsored by MSA)

  • Nora Sullivan; Claire Ostwald; Xu Chu; Ethan F. Baxter; Jay J. Ague; James O. Eckert. High temperature garnet growth in New England: regional temperature-time trends revealed. V51B-2654.
  • Kathryn A. Eccles; Ethan F. Baxter; Stephen J. Mojzsis; Horst Marschall; Michael L. Williams; Michael J. Jercinovic. Neoarchean metamorphism recorded in high-precision Sm-Nd isotope systematics of garnets from the Jack Hills (Western Australia). V51B-2655.


10:20 am – 12:20 pm

at 2006 (Moscone West)

B52C. B52C. New Mechanisms, Feedbacks, and Approaches for Improving Predictions of the Global Carbon Cycle in Earth System Models II [SWIRL_CU]

  • Adrien Finzi; Allison L. Gill (BIOLOGY). The carbon cost of nutrient uptake: global patterns and use in regional to global scale models of terrestrial productivity. B52C-01. (10:20 – 10:35)


1:40 pm – 3:40 pm

at 2004 (Moscone West)

B53G. B53G. Remote Sensing of Vegetation for Monitoring Ecosystem Functioning III

  • Mark A. Friedl; Joshua P. Gray; Eli K. Melaas; Andrew D. Richardson; Amey Bailey; John O’KeefeUsing Time Series of Landsat, MODIS, and Ground Measurements to Characterize and Quantify the Sensitivity of Temperate Forest Phenology to Climate Change (Invited). B53G-01. (1:40 – 1:55)

at 301 (Moscone South)

V53D. V53D. Garnet: Common Mineral, Uncommonly Useful II (cosponsored by MSA)

  • Ethan F. Baxter; Erik E. SchererThe success and complementarity of Sm-Nd and Lu-Hf garnet geochronology. V53D-08. (3:25-3:40)