The Department’s Inductively Coupled Plasma Emission Spectrometer (ICP-ES) Lab is primarily dedicated to major element and some trace element analyses of rocks, sediments, and water samples. It features a Jobin-Yvon Ultima-C ICP-ES that includes both a monochromator and polychromator, allowing elements to be measured either sequentially or simultaneously.

The Ultima-C is equipped with a PMT-based polychromator preset to analyze 25 major and trace elements. The 1-m monochromator can operate in the low UV wavelengths. The ICP-ES, with minimal optimization, routinely achieves better than 1% drift over a period of 3–4 hours. Routine precision in solution is 1–2% RSD for most elements. Our detection limits are generally better than 100 parts per billion. In addition to running geological, oceanographic, and environmental samples, we also commonly analyze synthetic materials, organic matrices, and a variety of other substances for engineers, physicists, and chemists.

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For further information, contact laboratory manager Dr. Tom Ireland.