Read assistant professor Rachael Garrett’s take on necessary tradeoffs in Brazil’s livestock production

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June 11th, 2018

Assistant Professor¬†Rachael Garrett and her colleagues have just published “Tradeoffs in the Quest for Climate Smart Agricultural Intensification in Mato Grosso, Brazil” in Environmental Research Letters. “We compare the costs and benefits of a typical extensive, continuously grazed cattle system relative to a specialized soybean production system and two improved cattle management strategies (rotational grazing and integrated soybean-cattle) under different climate scenarios. We find that relative to continuously grazed or rotationally grazed cattle systems, the integrated soybean-cattle system showed higher food production and lower GHG emissions per unit of human digestible protein, as well as increased resilience under climate change (both in terms of productivity and financial returns). By underscoring the economic feasibility of improving the performance of cattle systems, and by quantifying the tradeoffs of each option, our results are useful for directing agricultural and climate policy.”