Visiting scholars in Professor Myneni’s group publish three articles

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March 22nd, 2018

Visiting Scholar Dr. Kai Yan from Beijing Normal University and Mr. Baodong Xu from the Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, Beijing, published three articles on the physics and implementation of LAI/FPAR algorithm for the NASA’s Suomi VIIRS sensor and an evaluation of the derived product. The articles are in collaboration with PhD students Taejin Park and Chi Chen in Professor Ranga Myneni’s research group.

Yan et al., 2017. “Generating Global Products of LAI and FPAR From SNPP-VIIRS Data: Theoretical Background and Implementation.” IEEE Transactions on Geoscience & Remote Sensing, doi:10.1109/TGRS.2017.2775247.

Xu et al., 2018. “Analysis of Global LAI/FPAR Products from VIIRS and MODIS Sensors for Spatio-Temporal Consistency and Uncertainty from 2012–2016.” Forests, doi:10.3390/f9020073.

Xu et al., 2018. “An integrated method for validating long-term leaf area index products using global networks of site-based measurements.” Remote Sensing of the Environment, doi:10.1016/j.rse.2018.02.049.

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