Assistant professor Jeffrey Geddes receives NSF CAREER Award

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February 21st, 2018

Over the next five years, Jeffrey Geddes will receive nearly $700,000 through a National Science Foundation CAREER Grant to investigate how natural and human-caused interannual variability in the sources and sinks of reactive trace gases from forests influence air quality across North America. The funding comes through the NSF Division of Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences.

This research has four objectives: (1) Characterize interannual variability in simulated biogenic reactive trace gas sources/sinks and their impacts on air quality in the US, driven by meteorology and phenology; (2) Develop time-varying land cover inputs that can be used to simulate the impacts of recent historical land use/land cover changes on atmospheric chemistry and air quality in the US.; (3) Determine how changing interactions between forests and atmospheric chemistry modify the impacts of concurrent changes in anthropogenic emissions on air quality in the US.; and (4) Identify and attribute important patterns in ground- and satellite-based observations of atmospheric chemical composition to spatiotemporal variability in the biosphere. The education and outreach plan is focused on expanding science data literacy in atmospheric chemistry.