Assistant professor Rachael Garrett publishes in Ecology and Society

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September 21st, 2017

Assistant professor Rachael Garrett and her colleagues have published “Explaining the Persistence of Low Income and Environmentally Degrading Land Uses in the Brazilian Amazon” in Ecology and Society.

This research examines why so many farmers in the Brazilian Amazon remain engaged in low income and environmentally degrading agricultural activities. Using statistical models of farmer behavior we find that farmers do not adopt higher income land uses, such as fruit production or staple food crops, like rice and beans, in place of lower income livestock and commodity crop production due to a lack of access to markets and critical infrastructure, including roads, refrigerated transport, and supply chains linked to external markets. Farmers’ also prioritize safety and life quality over making money. The work underscores the need to develop policies and programs that identify and discriminate households based on a broader set of household assets, cultural attributes, and aspirations than are traditionally applied.