Earth & Environment research featured in latest edition of Science Magazine

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June 30th, 2014

Already featured in multiple local, regional, and national news sources, Earth & Environment research on natural gas leaks in Boston has once again been featured on a national stage. This time, the research has been featured in the article “Hunting a climate fugitive” in the latest edition of Science Magazine.

The research in question is the collaborative product of work performed by Professor Nathan Phillips and several others including Assistant Professor Lucy Hutyra and former Earth & Environment undergraduate Max Brondfield.

The Boston based research project culminated in the publication of “Mapping urban pipeline leaks: Methane leaks across Boston” in Environmental Pollution in February of 2013. The article was first authored by Professor Phillips. Phillips later extended the project to Washington, DC which resulted in the publication of “Natural gas pipeline leaks across Washington, DC” published in Environmental Science & Technology this year.

Also involved in the project was Senior Post-doctoral Associate Steve Raciti. The funding for the Boston based projects came from an EDF grant (Principal Investigator Nathan Phillips and Co-Principal Investigator Lucy Hutyra) and a NASA IDS grant (Principal Investigator Professor Mark Friedl, Co-Principal Investigator Lucy Hutyra, and Co-Principal Investigator Professor Curtis Woodcock).

To see more publications by Professor Phillips and Assistant Professor Hutyra, visit the publication section of our website.