Ann Dunlea and Nicolette Leonardi to give talks as part Earth & Environment Graduate Student Seminar Series

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April 24th, 2014

Graduate Students Ann Dunlea and Nicolette Leonardi will be giving talks tomorrow, April 25th, at 3:30 pm in STO453 as part of the Earth & Environment Graduate Student Seminar Series.

Ann Dunlea is a PhD candidate working with Professor Rick Murray. Her focus is on Marine Biogeochemistry.

Nicolette Leonardi is a PhD candidate working with Associate Professor Sergio Fagherazzi. Her focus in on Coastal Geomorphology.

Refreshments will be served following the talks.

Abstracts of the presentations are as follows:


“Paleoceanography of the South Pacific Gyre” by Ann Dunlea

The South Pacific Gyre (SPG) is Earth’s largest oceanic desert due to its low levels of biological productivity.  It also has the slowest sedimentation rates of the global ocean. The geochemistry of SPG sediment provides clues to large-scale changes in this vast ocean region and surrounding continents throughout the past 100 million years, including the formation of Australia’s deserts, Southern Hemisphere volcanism, and the opening of major oceanic gateways.


“How waves shape salt marshes” by Nicoletta Leonardi

We used cellular automata simulations and high resolution field measurements of five sites along the United States Atlantic Coast to investigate the erosion of marsh boundaries by waves. Our results justify the unpredictability of erosion events and the possibility of large failures episodes of marsh boundaries despite of a low exposure to wave action.