Dietze hosts PalEON meeting on campus

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March 11th, 2014

Earth and Environment Assistant Professor Mike Dietze hosted working group meetings for the the PaleoEcological Observatory Network (PalEON) project here at Boston University on March 8-10th.

The paleoclimate working group met Saturday and Sunday to discuss the synthesis of existing paleoclimate proxy data in eastern North America, plans to collect new proxy data, and the assimilation of proxy data with climate model outputs over the last millennia.

The ecosystem modeling working group met Sunday and Monday to discuss ongoing work validating earth system models against paleo-ecological proxies of plant composition, net primary productivity, and fire. The meetings took place in CAS 442, the 4th floor lounge.

PalEON is an NSF Macrosystems Biology project between 60 paleoecologists, ecosystem modelers, and environmental statisticians looking to synthesize paleoecological data across northern forests (Maine to Minnesota) and Alaska and to use this information to validate and improve the centennial-scale projections in earth system models. These models are the same class used to make climate change projections by the IPCC.