Sergio Fagherazzi participating in workshops in Vietnam

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February 18th, 2014

Department of Earth and Environment Professor Sergio Fagherazzi is in Vietnam this week as part of the Vietnam-United States cooperation program on the Mekong River Delta dynamics.

Over the course of this week, Fagherazzi will participate in in three workshops across the country. Fagherazzi will visit the Institute of Marine Geology and Geophysics at the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology in Hanoi; the College of Environmental and Natural Resources at Can Tho University in Can Tho; and the Meteorology and Hydrology Department at Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh City.

At each scheduled workshop, Fagherazzi will be giving a talk titled “Feedbacks between vegetation cover, hydrodynamics, and sediment transport in tidally dominated tropical deltas: a remote sensing approach.” The talk focuses on work done by Fagherazzi in collaboration with Department of Earth and Environment Professor and Chair Curtis Woodcock.

To learn more about the work of Prof. Sergio Fagherazzi, visit his profile page or visit the publications or grants sections of our website. Or check out his personal website.