Nathan Phillip’s expands gas leak testing into DC; work featured in new scientific article, news story

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January 17th, 2014

Department of Earth and Environment Professor Nathan Phillips‘s work on exposing natural gas leaks has expanded into DC.

A new article out in Environmental Science & Technology titled “Natural Gas Pipepline Leaks Across Washington, DC” highlights the ”5893 natural gas leaks” Phillips and a team of researchers, led by Robert Jackson of Duke University, discovered this past January in Washington DC.

The problems with DC’s infrastructure revealed by the study have also garnered the attention of mainstream media. The Washington Post featured the team’s findings in a recent article by Lenny Bernstein.

Phillips’s work in DC is an expansion on his previous work done collecting data on gas leaks in Boston that has been featured on BUToday as well as in scientificnational, and local media.