Wednesday December 11th AGU Talk Schedule for E&E Faculty, Researchers, and Students

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December 10th, 2013

Below is a list of scheduled talks being held on Wednesday December 11th 2013 by Department of Earth and Environment Faculty, Researchers, and students at the AGU Fall Meeting.




8:00 am – 12:20 pm

at Hall A-C (Moscone South)

B31B. B31B. Quantifying Uncertainty in Biogeochemical Studies II Posters [SWIRL_CU]

  • Neeti Neeti; Robert E. KennedyComparative study of above ground biomass estimates for conterminous US. B31B-0386.

B31E. B31E. Urban Areas and Global Change I Posters [SWIRL_US]

  • Lucy Hutyra; et al. Future scenarios of urbanization and its effects on water quantity and quality in three New England watersheds. B31E-0456.
  • Steve M. Raciti; Lucy Hutyra; Brittain M. Briber; Allison L. Dunn; Mark A. Friedl; Curtis Woodcock; Zhe Zhu; Pontus Olofsson. Quantifying ecosystem carbon losses and gains following development in New England: A combined field, modeling, and remote sensing approach. B31E-0457.

GC31C. GC31C. Ecosystem Responses to Increasing Atmospheric CO2: Moving Forward from First Generation Free Air CO2 Experiments Posters

  • Adrien Finzi (BIOLOGY). Long-Term Response of Terrestrial Productivity to Elevated CO2 Remains a Grand Challenge in Terrestrial Biogeochemistry (Invited). GC31C-1072.

H31F. H31F. Remote Sensing of the Terrestrial Water Cycle IV Posters

  • Samuel E. Tuttle; Guido Salvucci. Using Large-Scale Precipitation to Validate AMSR-E Satellite Soil Moisture Estimates by Means of Mutual Information. H31F-1253.


1:40 pm – 3:40 pm

at 2005 (Moscone West)

EP33D. EP33D. Deltas: A Multi-trillion Dollar Global Problem II

  • Alberto Canestrelli; William Nardin; Douglas A. Edmonds; Sergio Fagherazzi; Rudy L. Slingerland. Three dimensional numerical modeling of shallow jets: importance of frictional effects on the morphodynamics of river mouth bars and levees. EP33D-04. (2:25 – 2:40)

at 308 (Moscone South)

V33H. V33H. Physical Volcanology of Eruptions Involving Water I

  • Rachel Scudder; Richard W. Murray; Julie Schindlbeck; Steffen Kutterolf. Geochemistry of Sediment from IODP Expeditions 322 and 333: Terrigenous Provenance, Dispersed Ash, and the Nankai “Subduction Factory.” V33H-01.  (1:40 – 1:55)


1:40 pm – 6:00 pm

at Hall A-C (Moscone South)

DI33B. DI33B. The Detection and Migration of Melt and Volatiles in the Earth’s Interior II Posters

  • Shangshang Mu; Ulrich FaulGrain boundary wetness of partially molten dunite. DI33B-2238.

S33A. S33A. Advances in Seismic Imaging: Toward Integrated GeoModels on All Scales — Mantle/Global/Theory VI Posters [SWIRL_CM]

  • Xueyang Bao; Colleen A. Dalton; Ge Jin; James B. Gaherty. Imaging Rayleigh wave attenuation and phase velocity in the western and central United States. S33A-2390.

V33A. V33A. Chemical Evolution of the Earth’s Mantle II Posters (cosponsored by EGU-GMPV and MSA)

  • Denise Honn; Jason Harvey; Jessica M. Warren; Ethan F. Baxter. Detecting Mantle Heterogeneity at a Grain Scale with Improvements in High Precision Neodymium Isotope (NdO+) Analysis. V33A-2722.