Curtis Woodcock participates in panel at Sustainable Land Imaging Users Forum

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December 10th, 2013

USGS and NASA want to build better satellites; specifically, they want to improve the designs of future remote sensing satellites, like the Landsat satellites, as part of the Sustainable Land Imaging Program. With this in mind, last week USGS and NASA held the Sustainable Land Imaging Users Forum at the NASA Goddard Visitors Center Auditorium in Maryland.

Designed to inform Landsat users how USGS and NASA will be assessing the future needs of users, the Forum demonstrated how user input will impact the design and the implementation of future spaceborne systems.

Department of Earth and Environment Chair and Professor Curtis Woodcock was invited to the event to participate in a panel on the “Operational Uses of Landsat Data.” Prof. Woodcock and four other participants fielded questions on Landsat uses and listened as audience members articulated their future requirements for the Sustainable Land Imaging Program.

The event comes as USGS and NASA are attempting to weigh different options of how to proceed with the future collection of remote sensing data. To learn more about the Sustainable Land Imaging Users Forum and the future of Landsat data collection, check out this article by Debra Werner at