Wally Fulweiler, Sarah Foster, and Dr. Silvia Newell attend CERF Conference

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November 12th, 2013

Professor Wally Fulweiler, Ph.D. student Sarah Foster, and Postdoctoral associate Dr. Silvia Newell were in San Diego, California last week for the 22nd Biennial Coastal Estuarine Research Federation Conference.

The week began with Prof. Fulweiler receiving the Cronin award. The Cronin award “recognizes the significant accomplishments of an estuarine scientist who is in the early stages of his/her career development. The recipient will have shown great promise with work carried out during the first six years after acquiring their Ph.D.” (CERF2013 Program 11). Fulweiler’s award reads: “in recognition of outstanding early career research, and answering fundamental questions about energy flow and biogeochemical cycling of nutrients, carbon, and oxygen, in a variety of environments.”

On Monday, Dr. Newell gave a well-received talk on N-fixation in Waquoit Bay, MA and the potential implications for underestimating N-fixation in marine environments.

On Thursday, Fulweiler and colleagues chaired a special session in honor of the late Dr. Scott W. Nixon which focused on and highlighted the transformative impact of his research. In this session, Foster gave a fantastic talk on significant changes in the biogeochemical cycling of Waquoit Bay.

In a later session, Fulweiler gave a talk on the role regional declines in daily irradiance play in observed decreases in estuarine productivity and altered N cycling

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