Curtis Woodcock and Robert Kennedy participate in USGS & NASA Landsat Science Team Meeting

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October 31st, 2013

Chair of the Department Dr. Curtis Woodcock and Assistant Professor Dr. Robert Kennedy attended the USGS & NASA Landsat Science Team meeting this week. From Tuesday Oct 29th to Thursday Oct 31st, Dr. Woodcock and Dr. Kennedy  met with fellow scientists and experts at the USGS Earth Resource Observation System Data Center in Sioux Falls, SD to discuss recent research and the future direction of Landsat and other remote sensing programs.

For over forty years the Landsat program has been collecting space-based images of the planet in an effort to provide data on the changing environment and landscape of the Earth. These images provide useful data to experts in agriculture, forestry, regional planning, geology, cartography, education, and other fields.

The 24 member team led by Dr. Woodcock and Dr. David Roy of South Dakota State University will serve from 2012 to 2017. Along with his responsibilities as team co-leader, Dr. Woodcock contributes his expertise in monitoring land cover condition, change, and type. Dr. Kennedy contributes his expertise in the use of time series approaches to improve Landsat’s characterization of land surface dynamics.

To learn more information about Landsat, visit the USGS Landsat website or click here for more information about the current Landsat Science Team.