CEMS Mini-Courses, 2016-2017

During the 2016-2017 Fall and Spring semesters, the Center for Early Music Studies will offer four mini courses, by Anne Azéma (October 18-19), by musicologist and  harpsichordist Catherine Gordon (November 7-14-21-28), Joshua Rifkin (December 6-7), and by lutenist Catherine Liddell (January 31-February 1).  Students wishing to register for these courses, which carry one elective Musicology credit, should enroll in MH 629 Early Music Studies.

18-19 October, 2016
Anne Azéma (Director, Boston Camerata)

Paths to Performance in Medieval Songwith the participation of Shira Kammen (vielle)

This course will introduce students  and performers in training to the world of medieval solo song  during its “golden age” (ca. 1100-1300), from the main regions of  continental Europe:  Provence, France, Germany, Spain. Repertoires to be considered will include the Carmina Burana, songs of the troubadours and trouvères, and the Cantigas of the Spanish King Alfonso el Sabio.

Topics will include the social and historical context of medieval music making; musical notation and manuscript transmission;  the all-important relation of poetry to music; vocal style and technique;  the question of instrumental accompaniment.

The goal of this brief, intensive introduction is to provide a clear and helpful roadmap for further inquiry,  study,  and performances of these beautiful and important repertoires.

For musicians (vocalists and instrumentalists), historians, students of romance languages,  and others with a keen interest in medieval culture.

College of Fine Arts, 855 Commonwealth Ave.
Tuesday, 10/18: 10-1 Room 167 / 2-5 Rm B36
Wednesday 10/19: 10-1 Room 167 / 2-5 Rm 165