Health Related Items

While we recommend that you bring a 3 month’s supply of medications, please note that it is illegal to import more than three months’ worth of any prescription medication into Germany. You may not have drugs shipped to you as the customs process is lengthy and intensive.

Therefore, for any continuing medications needed, you will need to see a local doctor in Dresden and get a new prescription. Please follow these steps to work with your normal doctor in the US, and GeoBlue Insurance to make a plan ahead of time.

  1. Call GeoBlue insurance directly, identify yourself as a BU Student and ask to engage in “pre-trip planning”. GeoBlue can help you identify if your medication is available in Germany, and help set up an appointment with a doctor in Dresden so that you can start the re-prescribing process straight away.
  2. Once you know if your medications are available, have your current doctor(s) write a letter indicating the conditions the medications are for, the dosages, the generic chemical names, etc. You can bring this with you to your doctor’s appointment in Dresden, along with a paper version of your current prescription.

For more information, please refer to the German customs’ website:

For specific inquiries please see:

German Customs’ Regulations: