Safety While Traveling

Safe Travel

If you are travelling outside of Dresden or Germany, you are advised to have on you your passport, emergency contact card, geoblue membership card, cell phone + charger, keep your phone regularly charged and should know, how to use your cell phone outside of Germany. You are also advised to register your travel plans with the Anvil Travel Itinerary Editor or use our online Travel Information Form.

You should be able to receive calls or text messages and/or go online. As soon as you are aware of an emergency, you MUST contact your parents and mark yourself “safe” on the TripHub App by Anvil. If you are not using Anvil. please, contact one of the BUSA Dresden administrative team immediately and let them know your whereabouts.

It is important that you:

  • Register your travel plans on Anvil three days prior to your departure from Dresden or send an e-mail with the necessary information to fimmel[at]
  • Report to the Program Office within three days after your return to Dresden
  • While travelling make sure that you have contact information of the Dresden Program Office with you as well as from the US Embassy of the countries you travel to
  • In case of an emergency, please, contact the nearest US embassy or consulate and the Dresden Program office.
  • For your own safety we strongly discourage you to rent/ drive a car.
    Travel alternatives – instead of a car:
    Long Distance Busses (Fernbusse)
    Discount Airlines

Lost Passports

Should your passport be stolen or lost, while you are travelling outside of Germany you will need to notify the police and have them issue a police report. Then contact the citizen’s services at your embassy closest to you.

The following link lists all the embassies/consulates available to you:

For new passports, you will have to contact the

Citizen Service of the U.S. Embassy in Berlin
Clayallee 170
14195 Berlin
Federal Republic of Germany
Phone: +49-30-83050

Lost wallet/purse

If your wallet/purse gets lost or stolen, you should cancel all your cards to prevent misuse.
In order to cancel your Sparkasse card, please, dial:
+49 116 116 (from anywhere in the world)
In order to cancel your EC card you should know your International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and the Bank Identifyer Code (BIC). The telephone cancellation tape first responds to you in German. Please, do not hang up, it is repeated in English.
Please, note that the telephone cancelling has to be confirmed in the Sparkasse branch at TU Dresden, once you have returned from your trip.

Please also notify the local police and have them issue a police report.

In case you need emergency money, please, contact your parents/friends/benefactors and have them issue a cash wire for you for example with Western Union.
For more information, please, refer to:

Medical Emergency

If you have a medical or other emergency, while travelling call the local emergency number:
A list of emergency #s around the world can be found here:

And/or contact GeoBlue Medical Assistance for assistance by calling:
1.800.257.4823 inside the US,
+1.610.254.8771 outside the US,
or by emailing: