Old Town Sqaure Prague by Erol OzmeralAbout 117 kilometers (~72 Miles) to the southeast of Dresden is the capital city of the Czech Republic – Prague.
With its great gothic and baroque architecture, the “Golden City” is one of the most favourite destinations for tourists in Europe.
Prague has lots of sights such as the Old Town Square, Prague Castle, the Jewish Quarter and the Charles Bridge.


Details for Fall 2019
Day of Excursion: August 30,
Start (Dresden): 8:45AM (start of the bus)
End (Prague)*: around 3:30PM

About the excursion:

You will leave Dresden by bus early in the morning and arrive in Prague about 10:45 a.m. at the bus station Florenc.

As most students stay in Prague for the weekend, there will be an opportunity to lock up your luggage after exchanging some money.

A guided bus tour will introduce you to Prague and maybe give you some ideas on what to explore further, if you stay for the weekend.  The tour ends after about 2 hours at the Old Town Square with the Jan Hus Memorial.

From there you walk to lunch in a Czech restaurant near Old Town Square.

After lunch you have time to explore Prague yourself.

Please note:

The excursion to Prague is a day trip, but you can stay there for the weekend at your own expense.


If you are staying in Prague for the weekend it is recommended to change some money right after your arrival at the bus station Florenc as you are going to lock up your luggage in a lockbox.


  • * Please note, that as most students stay in prauge for the weekend, the end time reflects the time you would leave the last excursion stop in Prague. Please include at least an hour time space to get to busses, trains, etc., in case you plan any further travels.