Albrechtsburg by Erol Ozmeral

The town of Meissen is located on the Elbe river, northwest of Dresden.
It’s known for its beautiful Porcelain, the Albrechtsburg and its Gothic Cathedral.

Details for Fall 2019
Day of Excursion: August 23
Start (Dresden): 9:00AM (start of the train)
End (Dresden): around 5:17PM (earliest return)*

About the excursion:

From Dresden you will have a 40 minute train ride to Meissen. Just a short walk away from the station is the famous Porcelain Manufacture of Meissen. A tour through the factory will show you how the precious porcelain is made, and you can visit the exibition of many great porcelain samples, followed by lunch in a nearby restaurant.

After that you walk through the city, across the old market place up to the Albrechtsburg and the Gothic Cathedral (Meißner Dom), where you will have a great view of Meissen. Along the way learn the story about the “Meißner Fummel” and maybe have one yourself.

Fummel by Su Kyung LeeHandle with care! It’s breakable!

You then have the chance to visit the inside of the castle (Albrechtsburg) and feel a little like you’ve fallen back in time.

Back in the present you will make your way over the old city bridge to the station and take the train back to Dresden.


Because Meissen has a lot of cobbled streets it’s recommended to NOT wear high heels.


  • * Please note, that the “earliest return” depends on all involved parties to be punctual and a planed tour through the castle of about 1,5h. If you plan weekend trips, please be aware that trains from Meißen leave every 10-20 minutes and to schedule some extra time, in case you may want to explore the castle further.