Picture what a million dollars could do for BU students.
Now double it.

Trustee and alumnus Richard Cohen (CGS'67, SMG'69) has presented a challenge to BU parents: Until June 30, he will match every new and increased gift, up to a total of $1 million dollars. This is an extraordinary offer and we need your help today!

As a parent, you can picture how this gift will benefit our BU students-more technology for classrooms and labs, student scholarships, career counseling, visiting scholars, research and performance opportunities, and much more. Our students chose BU because it is exceptional, and we want our students to have every possible advantage. Let's ensure that our students benefit from Mr. Cohen's generosity!

“[Our] donation comes with much gratitude and hearty support for BU. [Our daughter] has had an incomparable college experience. BU leaves you with everything college parents want for their children.”
— Jim and Dee McElroy (Parents of Susanna, CAS'10)

“I am asking fellow parents to join forces with me in order to achieve the Cohen Challenge. Together, we can ensure that our students and their classmates have every possible advantage at Boston University. After all, the education of our children is the greatest gift that we can provide.”
— Jeanne Knox
  Chairwoman, Parents Leadership Council
  Parent of Merrill (COM'06), and
  Bobby (CGS'08, SAR'10)