General Safety

Staying safe on and off campus requires common-sense precautions and attention to your surroundings.

  • Carry your BU ID card at all times, but don’t carry your keys and BU ID on the same key ring or holder.
  • Always secure personal items. Never leave your valuables unattended.
  • Stay off the frozen Charles River during winter months.
  • Wear protective gear when rollerblading, skateboarding, and biking.
  • Always be alert to your surroundings. Take care when using personal electronic devices, as they limit your awareness, making you more vulnerable to accidents or to being victimized.
  • Log important (BUPD, 911, your RA, a reliable cab company, etc.) numbers into your mobile phone.

On Foot

  • Use pedestrian crosswalks.
  • Always look for cars, bikes, and trolleys before crossing the street or MBTA tracks.
  • Don’t dart in front of traffic to catch a train or bus.
  • Stay off rail/train tracks.
  • At night, walk in well-lit areas.
  • Use the Escort Security Service (617-353-4877) or walk with a friend.

On Your Bike

  • Always wear a helmet.
  • Learn, use, and obey traffic signals. Remember, bikers must obey the same traffic laws as motor vehicle operators.
  • If riding at night, use reflectors and lights.
  • Give pedestrians the right of way.
  • Ride defensively. Watch for cars and car doors opening.
  • Do not weave in and out of traffic.
  • Slow down at intersections and look both ways before crossing.
  • Keep your bike well maintained.
  • Always lock your bike with a strong lock in good condition.
  • Register your bike with the Boston University Police Department. A registered bike is more likely to be recovered if stolen.