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Welcome New Terriers – Make the Practical, Cool

Uncategorized April 12th, 2012 3 comments

  Word! It went out a few weeks ago. Brand, spankin’ new wannabe Terriers are on the street. First, the practical. Recognize the City as a character in your life – understand the energy of cities and places. It’s the place where you can come to change it up. Restore. Write your songs. Spit your […]

What Should I Do When the Hoodie Comes Off?

Uncategorized March 24th, 2012 1 comment

Sorry I’m not surprised. Cue the sigh of relief for my daughter and son. I got the memo from my father – back in the day – when I was acting like I could do what ever I wanted on the streets of the City. One of my younger brothers got a talking to after […]

New Jack Global Leadership?

Uncategorized March 10th, 2012 0 comments

I just haven’t met you yet.  That person who has not seen this:   (Says a lot about the world I live in?) Not just through the mobile networks but even the mainstream morning shows have peeped it. I’ve chatted with plenty: fired up middle-schoolers; the motivated college set; and, the inspired old-schoolers. Even my […]

Guest Post: . . . Who By Brick Are Not Silenced.

Uncategorized March 4th, 2012 0 comments

A little history, music and poetry from Crystal-Angelee Burrell* The graves of great men cannot contain them. Their bones are brick, their blood, paint. So when next you walk past a mural On the brick of their bone Splattered with the paint of their blood, Listen. You may hear their whispers. Billie Holiday shrieking in […]

Guest Post: Why the Hockey Team Again: A Cultural Basis Underlying Predatory Behaviors

Uncategorized February 27th, 2012 12 comments

by Devyn Buckley Like many other BU students, I was shocked to see the headline in BU Today that another accusation of rape was directed at a hockey team member. At first I believed that I clicked on old mail, seeing as this was a headline not too long ago in the same publication. Sadly, […]

A Broken Heart is Inevitable – It Means We’re Alive

Uncategorized February 20th, 2012 1 comment

If you deal in love and passion, then you’ve got to know heartbreak. Maybe the heartbreak makes the passion worthwhile. Got a broken heart again? Here’s the playlist – it starts mellow and ends with you struttin’: Got to start with Al Green’s I’m Still In Love With You After The Rain – John Coltrane […]

Mixtape for Cupid

Uncategorized February 14th, 2012 2 comments

It has rhythm. It makes us move – together. I love music. Is it love? The kind of playlist Cupid could love: Let’s Stay Together – Al Green My Cherie Amour – Stevie Wonder Little Red Corvette – Prince Doo Wop (That Thing) – Lauryn Hill All Falls Down – Kanye West Feat. Syleena Johnson […]

Acknowledgment and Appreciation

Uncategorized February 6th, 2012 0 comments

Love by Elizabeth Barrett Browning We cannot live, except thus mutually We alternate, aware or unaware, The reflex act of life: and when we bear Our virtue onward most impulsively, Most full of invocation, and to be Most instantly compellant, certes, there We live most life, whoever breathes most air And counts his dying years […]

What Are You Doing For The Game? A Safe Super Bowl Sunday

Uncategorized February 1st, 2012 2 comments

How about some football, American-style. One game and lots of spectacle. Even better when the local guys are playing for the trophy. I love the mid-air extended catches and when the smaller guys break through the line to stop a play.  Give me the thrill of a returned punt. Most important, I am a connoisseur […]

Early Valentine Note: Finding Passion in Pop Culture

Uncategorized January 30th, 2012 0 comments

I’m on a roll! Lately, I’ve been smitten by podcasts, video, TV shows, commercials, and movies about matchmaking – they share wisdom about finding a date, dating, finding love, and true passion. I’m not about to trash this meme – I find it inspirational. I’m still in the finding passion and love game. Some wisdom […]