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Coffee & Conversation: Hiatus Week

Just because we’re taking a week off doesn’t mean your convos have to stop. There’s a conversation — a discussion — out there with your name on it. Find it and jump in! Even better, pull some folks together and start your own. See you again on February 24. Practice up! Next week, let’s talk […]

Coffee & Conversation: Catch Up and Look at the Web

What’s happened while we were away? The satire hits the American political system:   The troops are home and war is over? Religious devotion breaking out in the middle of crowds. US able to shut down spots on the Web on word from tattletales about possible copyright infringement. Power? Is this just a fight between […]

Coffee & Conversation: Special Sports Edition

When did this happen? In addition to the athletes, we’ve all been enslaved. A football coach runs and takes down an institution? People take to the streets to protest the firing of a football coach. Justice? And, why is it the lead on the national news? Corrupt stuff, for sure, but I can’t help myself. […]