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Put Your Helmet On

Like it or not, Boston can be a dangerous place for bikers if you don’t know what you’re doing. Luckily, BU Today hosts Rhett The Terrier Puppet and Warren Towers are here to teach you bike safety the most effective way they know: through an up-tempo educational rap.

Bow Tie Revolution

Watch this video on YouTube Dressed in a blue oxford shirt and neatly-pressed khakis, Diego Torres-Palma looks like any other MBA student. But what sets the 26-year-old entrepreneurial engineer apart is his choice of neckwear. On this particular day, it happens to be a butterfly style, three-inch paisley silk bow tie. As cofounder of OoOTie […]

Puppy Love

Watch this video on YouTube Going abroad and in a relationship? BU Today consults one of the Dean’s assistant’s for advice.