Keep Yourself Safe this Halloween

Dean Elmore sent out the following note to all students on October 28, 2020.

Dear Friends,

Each of us, sometimes, struggle with aspects of Halloween – a kind of love and hate relationship. And, now that we are in the middle of this pandemic, we’ve got more to worry about. This year we are asking you to take extra precautions.

As you plan your upcoming evenings and weekend, we urge you to act like a global pandemic is happening, and on the rise, even in Massachusetts. This time, don’t just go out there, think about where you’re going; how long you’ll be there; the number of people in your crew and at any gatherings; and, whether you and others are acting in risky ways. The trick to healthy catching up with friends and showing off your outfit is planning. So, here is your checklist:

  • keep your crew – including you – to four (4) or fewer people;
  • keep your mask or face-covering on, and tight, on your face – a costume mask is not a substitute for your cloth or paper mask. Use a themed cloth mask – it’s a good accessory;
  • limit your time around other people;
  • don’t go too far away from where you live – stay nearby (and skip going to Salem this year…they aren’t celebrating like we’re used to anyway)
  • stay away from groups of people and ghouls without face-coverings who are standing too close to one another;
  • stay outdoors, and out of indoor crowded living rooms and basements; and,
  • don’t take candy (or anything) from strangers.

Just trying to creep it real. We have discovered that when students get into small groups with each other – especially when they are drinking alcoholic beverages – they kick back and get lackadaisical about following public health guidance. Even in a small group (4 or fewer) of people you know: keep your mask or face coverings on, stay six feet apart, don’t share drinks, use hand sanitizer. This is one of those times you should be extra (about your health). If you choose to drink alcoholic cocktails, wine, or beer, don’t overindulge, and make sure the other three people in your crew get home safely. Keep an eye out for each other, because folks tend to let their mask-wearing game slip when they’ve had too much to drink.

Students have planned a variety of activities for the faint of heart amongst us. (We also hear that F*ck It Won’t Cut It Productions and Student Government are planning a big shindig for you.)

There can be a much-needed spirit of community and neighborliness during this time of year. Please keep yourself, and each other,personally and COVID safe.




Kenneth Elmore

Associate Provost and Dean of Students



Dr. Judy Platt

Director, Student Health Services

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