A note from Dean Elmore about the election

I Love Myself When I Am Laughing

And Then Again When I Am Looking Mean & Impressive

Book title by Zora Neale Hurston

During the last six months, I have dealt with heartbreaks, fears, fury, and exhaustion. In the last six months I have also neglected to celebrate and do what comes traditional to me so that I can stay my vibrant self and be fully alive. I realize that I need to deal with my love, anger, fear, and need for change in conversations, arguments, discussions and listening sessions with others. I am still working on it – my wellbeing.

Please use this dynamic list of ways to come together to work on it too. If none of this works for you, make a contact and see what does. (we’ll keep updating this listing – come back).

I think I once heard someone say that hope is a discipline, despair a privilege. I am choosing – if I have a choice – to be more disciplined.

Stay encouraged,


Kenneth Elmore

Associate Provost and Dean of Students

Visit our Voter Engagement and Election Well-Being pages for more information.

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