Terrier Meal Share

September 27th, 2019

Terrier Meal Share is an initiative that gives students the opportunity to donate their unused guest meal swipes online to any undergraduate, graduate, or professional student in need at Boston University. Students experiencing food insecurity will be able to receive meals by contacting the Dean of Students’ office, University Service Center, or the Office of Financial Assistance.

All of this is possible thanks to the collaboration of Housing, Dining Services, Auxiliary Services, Information Services and Technology (IS&T) and the many members of the BU community who have called for this over the years.

What is Food Insecurity?

Food insecurity is the lack of access, or financial resources to access, a sufficient amount of food.

Donate Meals

Students wishing to donate meals can do so by looking under the “My Plans” pane on the University’s Terrier Card Center. You will need to be on Boston University wifi or VPN to use this portal.

Auxiliary Service Guest Meal Matching Program

Recognizing that food insecurity is a global issue, Auxiliary Services has partnered with the Dean of Students office to support our BU students by offering a guest meal matching program. Auxiliary Services will match any student guest meal donation at a 1-1 ratio to further expand the Terrier Meal Share initiative at Boston University.

Request meal assistance

If you are a Boston University student in need because of an immediate, short-term lack of access, or financial resources to access food, you can request assistance through the Dean of Students by completing a short form at the following link. Staff from the Dean of Students’ office, University Service Center or Office of Financial Assistance will contact students to discuss support, eligibility, and the process for obtaining meal assistance. If you have an immediate need, please call or stop by the office, otherwise, requests will be responded to within one business day.

This request is for short-term assistance requests in crisis situations. If you are in continuing need, please reach out to the Office of Financial Assistance, University Service Center or the Dean of Students office.

2 Comments on Terrier Meal Share

  • Is there a way for staff at BU to contribute by donating funds for meals? Thank you. Arlyne Jackson

  • If you are looking to donate funds, not meals, to this program, please do so via the Student Life Fund. On this form, choose “General BU Funds: Student Life” under “Click Here to Choose a Fund.” In the space asking for more specifics, just type, “Terrier Meal Share.” Thank you for your kindness!

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