What a World Series!

October 22nd, 2018

This is a World Series that is right up BU’s alley! We know we have a lot of students who root for the home team, the Boston Red Sox, but we also have a ton of students from Southern California who love the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Where can you get together with your friends and watch the games? There will be viewing locations in the George Sherman Union (either Metcalf Hall, Back Court or BU Central.) BU Central will include popcorn, Cracker Jacks and other refreshments. Metcalf Hall or the Back Court will be for those who need to study and watch the game at the same time.

The Towers’ Franklin Lounge, the South Campus Lounge, and the 10 Buick Street Market lounge will also have snacks and the games, while Rhett’s West (in West Campus) will be showing the game complete with “ball park” food specials. And if you want a Pub atmosphere, Fuller’s BU Pub will be showing the games for those 21+.

Games are currently scheduled for October 23, 24, 26, 27, 28*, 30* and 31*. (* indicates the game will only be played if necessary.) The games start at 8pm EST.

Please stay safe, enjoy the games and be respectful of those around you (both your classmates and the neighborhood around us). Please heed the message from new Boston Police commissioner William Gross, which is included below:

A Message from Boston Police Commissioner William G. Gross

Hello.  I hope all are doing well as you close out on the first two months of studies at local colleges and universities.  I am writing concerning the upcoming World Series taking place starting tomorrow in Boston.  We are once again very happy for the Boston Red Sox organization and Red Sox Nation and are hopeful for the team’s continued success.

In Boston, our main concern continues to be safety.  Today, I am writing to ask for your help as we prepare for the World Series games.

Our message remains constant.  I am asking that college and university students take advantage of any planned event that your academic institution is holding on campus, where you and your friends can enjoy the game.  For those attending events or are out and about in the neighborhoods, we encourage all to drink responsibly while celebrating. We remain concerned about safety on our roadways and will be vigilant in order to provide for the best public safety for those we serve.  If you do travel off-campus, please plan out your evening and celebrate responsibly.

Your safety is a priority. We will work hard to ensure that everyone returns home safely.  We expect you to act in a way that would make your school, your family, and your city proud, while respecting our neighborhoods.  Showcase Boston to the nation with class and in the same positive spirit of the game!

Thank you very much for your attention to this important safety matter.  Enjoy the game and be safe.  Go Sox!



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  • Way to go BU….always on the front side of any events for our students!
    Students…Have fun and keep it safe.

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