Everything you need to know about…Senior Breakfast.

April 26th, 2018

Senior Breakfast, a long-standing University tradition, will take place Thursday, May 3, 2018 at 10 a.m. in the Metcalf Ballroom in the George Sherman Union. Registration for this FREE event is still available here.

Here’s everything you might want to know about Senior Breakfast.

What time should we show up to the GSU?

Doors will open to the Ballroom around 9:30am. Some students will show up earlier in the morning to get a prime seat close to the stage or get an entire table for their friends. It’s totally up to you. The later you do show up (like if you show up at 10:15am), the harder it will be to find multiple seats together.

What should we wear? 

The official invite says “casual attire.” Want to wear a dress? Feel free. Want to wear jeans? Go ahead. Most students will dress like they are going to a Sunday brunch with their family, but that’s not a requirement by any means.

What do we do at Senior Breakfast?

First things first: eat. Without giving away too much, this year’s menu includes breakfast pastries, fresh fruit, an egg tart and a hash. There are also options for those who require vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, Kosher and Halal meals – just ask your server when they come to your table.

Secondly, Dean Elmore emcees some speeches and musical performances and then hands the mic over to President Brown, who will announce the winners of the Metcalf Cup and Prize (the University’s highest teaching honor) and the Honorary Degree recipients, including the Commencement Speaker. The breakfast usually ends around 11:30am.

Is Senior Breakfast really a tradition? Are you just making that up?

1952 Senior and Alumni Association Breakfast at Marsh Plaza.

It is BU tradition that predates the George Sherman Union, Warren Towers and Walter Brown Arena. The exact year is not known, but we do have photos from the 1952 and 1953 Senior Breakfasts to show that it at least goes back that long. Back in those days, the event was held on Marsh Plaza and alumni were invited. (No, we don’t know what they did if it rained.)

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