Dean Elmore says to have fun and stay safe on Marathon Monday

April 13th, 2018

The following was sent to all undergraduate students via email on Friday, April 13.

Dear Friends,

It is time for an annual celebration that makes this city so special: the Boston Marathon. This weekend, people from all over the world are on their way to Boston to watch, run and enjoy the world’s oldest annual marathon. The last stage of the 42.195-kilometer race cuts across our yard – through South Campus and Kenmore Square. Tradition also calls for re-connecting with friends and for plenty of revelry on Monday.

As you plan your day, keep in mind that lots of people will be out and celebrating – your safety is paramount. If it feels right, go for it! Sing, dance, listen to music, eat well, have a drink if that’s your thing (and you’re of legal age), root and cheer – hopefully with others.

As you gather in the neighborhoods surrounding the area, please be mindful of your safety on rooftops and decks – many of these structures were never constructed with the intent of hosting large gatherings. We’ve got it, on good word, that there will be an increase in police presence in the Allston area. Be mindful – it’s not a good idea to be on roofs, sit on railings, hang out on crowded decks and porches, or to jump off of roofs, ledges, walls and porches.

Per usual, there will be police and security personnel along the entire marathon route. We’ve been notified that in some locations you may be asked to pass through security checkpoints where police and security officers will inspect bags and other items – it’s a good idea to travel light on Monday, and be alert for scammers, thieves, and people who may try to victimize you, especially in crowds. Most importantly, if you choose to drink, don’t overindulge and keep an eye out for each other (especially if you’re hosting people in your apartment).

It’s cool that the Boston Marathon is a part of our community – we’re thankful. Regardless of your plans, have all the fun you can stand, and please do make your way to the Marathon route.

Keep yourself and your fellow Terriers safe,

Kenneth Elmore
Associate Provost and Dean of Students

Kelly A. Nee
Chief of Police and Executive Director of Public Safety

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