Where Should I Bring This Dean’s Certification Form?

March 8th, 2018

At some point during your Boston University career, you might be looking to have a Dean’s Certification Form completed for either graduate school, an internship application, transferring or a job interview. Upon reading the title of the form, you most likely will immediately mentally chart out your path to the Dean of Students office to drop off said form for Dean Elmore to fill out. Or you will begin to panic because you’ve yet to meet Dean Elmore, and worry that he’ll have nothing to say about your outstanding candidacy.

Well, don’t make your way to the Dean’s office just yet. Because of the sheer volume of Dean’s Certification Forms we receive, we have to handle them a little differently here at BU.

Your Dean’s Certification Form will go into the capable hands of Judicial Affairs, an office that reports to Dean Elmore. Judicial Affairs is located at 25 Buick Street, Suite 150. Their email address is judws@bu.edu.

A school or program’s Dean’s Certification Form is less about the Dean knowing you, and more about making sure you haven’t done anything absolutely horrible while you were at BU. Thus, since judicial records live at Judicial Affairs, having them complete the form on Dean Elmore’s behalf cuts out a step in the process.

It’s key that you allow enough time for your form to be processed. Ideally, give it to Judicial Affairs 3-4 weeks before it is due. The least amount of time you can give is 2 weeks. Plan accordingly.

If you have questions about the process, feel free to call either one of our offices (Dean of Students, 617-353-4126 / Judicial Affairs, 617-358-0700) or reach out to us via email. For more information on our policies, visit our Policies on Records.

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  • Do most other universities have a Judicial Affairs office, or how does that work?

  • Most American universities have either judicial affairs offices, student conduct offices, or have their judicial sanctioning handled by a Dean of Students, Student Affairs or Student Life office. Those offices will often handle the judicial sanction part of the form.

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