A Halloween safety message

October 27th, 2017

Did you miss Dean Elmore and Chief Nee’s Halloween message in your inbox. Check out their safety message, which was sent Friday, October 27, 2017 to all undergraduate students, below.

Hello Friends,

Be ready for Halloween in Boston! Starting this weekend you’ll see people at their creative best, and hopefully, as their best selves. As you plan your celebrations, we offer friendly reminders surrounding the events, gatherings, and parties that await.

First of all, go ahead! Jump around, chant, dance, and sing with others, but please stay aware of your surroundings.

Because we care about you (cue the Awwwww), we offer a friendly checklist: make plans to get home in a safe manner; stay away from people acting in a way that may harm you; be alert for scammers, thieves, and people who may try to victimize you; don’t use replica and toy weapons as costume accessories; if you choose to drink, don’t overindulge in drinking alcoholic beverages; make sure your friends get home and keep an eye out for each other; and, comply with any police advisories and requests.

We hope you’ll enjoy all the fun. We’ve put together information on Halloween activities in and around the Charles River Campus and Boston. Regardless of your plans for Halloween, please keep yourself safe.

Whether you have a Halloween full of festivity, or make it a low-key affair, have all the fun you can stand. Per usual, we’ve put together another list for play (a playlist full of treats, no tricks) for this dastardly occasion. We hope your costume is dope and that your weekend is wicked.

Above all else, stay safe,

Kenneth Elmore
Associate Provost and Dean of Students

Kelly Nee
Chief of Police and Executive Director of Public Safety

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