How do I get there? Wegmans

June 30th, 2014

by Tom Honsinger, Dean of Students Marketing and Strategic Communications Assistant

In case you didn’t know, Wegmans is the best thing since sliced bread (the stores have a great bakery, so that only helps prove my point). Their produce is incredible, their bulk candy section is unmatched and don’t even get me started on their sandwiches and prepared food. Coming to Boston from Syracuse, one of the things I missed most about home was being able to stop by a Wegmans whenever I needed to. (I’m a bit obsessed if you couldn’t tell.)

If you’re crazy about Wegmans like I am, don’t you worry! A new store just opened up in Chestnut Hill; it’s a bit of a haul, but for true supporters, it’s worth it. Just hop on the 60 bus from the Kenmore Square bus station, plan all of the wonderful things you’re going to buy on the 30 minute ride, get off the bus at the Mall at Chestnut Hill stop, cross a street and parking lot and you’re there!

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