Brrr! Early Winter Photo Challenge – Urban Coolness

January 10th, 2014


Show us your best Urban Cool! Send us photos of your frosty. How do you chill? What will chill you and other Terriers this winter?  Show us how “cool” you really are.

Now here are the rules so that things don’t get too icy:
•    got to follow us on Twitter (@DeanElmore) or Instagram (@kennmore)
•    show us your picture however you like, but we’ll be checking Instagram andTwitter
•    after you click off a shot – with one of those apps — add #BUCool14 in your comment or riff;
•    we all get to see your cool picture – got to be in the public stream;
•    need to get your picture before 11:59pm on Sunday, January 12
•    if we pick you as the winner — got to be here to get your prize

If it looks nice — great. We’ll even accept snark. But we always give bonus points for clever. Good luck! (And, looking forward to seeing you soon.)

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